Nerium VA Regional a Wild Success!

Nerium Virginia Regional

Nerium VA Regional 2016Thanks to EVERYONE for a great event this past weekend! The Nerium Virginia team kicked things off in Richmond, VA with over 5,000 people celebrating success, soaking up the amazing training, and having a great time! We are excited and eager to blast off in to 2016!

Special thanks to Jeff Olson, Dennis Windsor, and John Addison for providing incredible training and leadership to me and our entire Nerium team. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great event, and for everyone who made the trip to attend. The energy was infectious and I couldn’t be more pumped!

If you aren’t in Nerium yet, trust me, this is the team you want to hit the ground running with! The entire Nerium family is just that, a family, and you’ll never feel more care and support than what we have here! Thanks again everyone!


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