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Finding Success in Network Marketing

Become successful in Network Marketing

Making the decision to leave the 9-5 job and join Nerium 17 years ago was one of the best decisions of my life, (marrying my wife is first!!). Since that time we have found success multiple times working for Nerium in Network Marketing industry. I’ve become a multi-million dollar earner within the company and built teams of hundreds of thousands and none of it is because I am or did anything special.

success diagramFinding success in Network Marketing requires many of the same characteristics you need to be successful at anything in life. You must have desire and a passion to succeed. You need to be willing to work your tail off….it’s not easy at first! You need to be coachable, and teachable, leaving your experience at the door. Unlike your typical jobs in the Network Marketing industry it’s in the best interest of your superiors, or upline, to help you succeed so you want to listen and follow them. As the Nerium Top Leader I have learned many thing while working with the company. And by learning whatever I do to be successful is duplicatable and you can do it to.

Once you demonstrate each of these traits you are ready to dive in and start finding your own success in Network Marketing! Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • First, don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in all aspects of life. Time is our most precious commodity and one that really cannot be wasted. Building your business starts slow at first then gains momentum as your skills and education grow. If it’s important enough, you will make time!
  • Motivate yourself. You have now become your own boss and sometimes this is good ….and sometimes its bad. This road is now yours to walk and yours alone. No one can walk it for you. Push yourself each day and create new boundaries. Better yet get rid of them all!
  • Stay connected within the proven network marketing business such as Nerium. It is very crucial, that you continuously improve yourself in the business, building more value to yourself that will make you attractive and a magnet to the marketplace. Listen and learn from others.
  • Be friendly yet professional. Ask questions to learn more about your potential customers, and practice highlighting the best parts of your business so you can easily talk about your product and company.
  • Use all of the Tools and Events provided for you by your company. These are proven, reliable tools that work for anyone. I always say, documentation beats conversation, so talk less and make more!

The Network Marketing industry is responsible for producing over $32 billion dollars in annual sales by more than 2,000 companies in over 70 countries. Nerium Earns No. 40 Spot on List of Top 100 Direct Sales Companies in the World and No. 21 Spot on the North American Top 50 List.

There is nothing stopping you from changing your life by working for yourself in a business you believe in. It’s OK to enjoy what you do! You can find success in Network Marketing and maybe even become a Top Leader, as I did, of course only I f you want to. I promise you that!

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