How Having the Right Philosophy Can Change your Life

Since opening doors in 2011, Nerium’s philosophy has been to Make People Better. Following through hasn’t been too hard for us. Mostly, because every Nerium Brand Partner and corporate employee are truly connected to Nerium International – a global company driven by 10 Core Values. These 10 core values drive us and our business. And, eventually, these values will also help you achieve exactly what you want: rank and business.

A Slice of Life

The thing about embracing the right philosophy is that doing so shapes your attitudes and worldview. Suddenly, you become aware of what’s important and what isn’t or what matters and what doesn’t. That realization sets in motion a chain reaction: the right philosophy creates attitudes, which creates actions, which creates results, which creates the life you want. You get the idea.

You know, I’ve been where you are now – with similar goals and expectations. I can only hope that sharing some of my own experiences and “wise words” will offer insight and guidance as you move forward with your own journey.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

I’ve said this before and will say it a hundred times more: happiness really is a precursor to success. First, choose the right philosophy, second, set goals important to you, third, make it happen, and fourth, reach the top. Live, breathe, and believe in Nerium’s 10 Core Values and find happiness in even the smallest acts of kindness. Again, happiness is a precursor to success – in your professional as well as personal life. If an individual can achieve real success because of the right frame of mind, can you imagine what a group of people with shared vision and goals working for the same company can accomplish?

A Growth Experience

One of my favorite Core Values is “go slow to go fast.” Nerium’s unwavering commitment to impact as many people as possible by means of our breakthrough products and philanthropic efforts are all founded on Nerium’s principle of doing the job right the first time. This idea has never changed. Also, for a company with a “slow down to go fast” philosophy, we sure have shown unprecedented growth in a very short amount of time!

Don’t get me wrong, few journeys are without obstacles. That’s just part of life! But, to reach the top, you must start at the bottom. Besides, experiencing the up as well as the downs is part of the adventure and will help you grow and learn in unimaginable ways.

The Real Deal

What we have accomplished as a team is remarkable. No, I’m not talking about growth, profit, or industry awards – although, that part has been pretty cool too – I’m talking about what we’ve accomplished because of our core values and positive philosophy. Look closely. Can you see it; can you feel it? What we’ve done here, is build a company and cultivate a culture around the word: REAL.

Nerium is more than an anti-aging company. Our innovative products are backed by REAL science supported by clinically proven REAL results. And, that’s why we can offer prospects REAL opportunities. Done and done. But, our greatest accomplishment by far is Nerium’s company culture which is how we attract REAL people who want to create REAL lifestyles for themselves.

The Real Reason

Nerium’s company culture serves as a blueprint for everything we set out to do – company culture is our DNA. I think we’ve been doing a pretty fine job so far! Imagine what the next five years have in store.

As Founder and CEO of Nerium International, I’ve always focused on who we are as a company and what we want to achieve as a group. At the end of the day, go back to three words: Make People Better. Living, breathing, and believing in Nerium’s 10 Core Values allow us to do just that! Above all else, Nerium will continue to be a REAL company. Every step of the way. Because we have the right philosophy and we are changing lives.

So, sit back and ask yourself: how has your philosophy changed since joining Nerium International and how is that working out for you? I want to hear from you! Add your comments below!

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