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Watch Darin Kidd on TV!

Now You Can Watch Darin Kidd on TV!

Periscope just launched on Apple TV and you guys know how I love Periscope! If you have been enjoying our Live Periscope training on Network Marketing, then you have even more access through Apple TV! Here’s my Channel. Broadcasts only stay up for 24 hours:
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Darin Kidd Interviewed by MLM Nation

Listen Here: Darin Kidd Interviewed By MLM Nation

Darin Kidd Interview with NLM Nation

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Darin was recently interviewed by MLM Nation and here is a link to the full Interview:

The Game Changing Secret Ingredient For Your Business by Darin Kidd


I want to thank Simon Chan and MLM Nation for this interview. I had a great time! – Darin


Darin Kidd is one of the most sought-after trainers in Network Marketing today. He enjoyed a lot of success as a Top leader and a Top money earner in his previous company.  Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Darin has enjoyed a lucrative career and built sales organizations with over a hundred thousand distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has successfully led hundreds of live events around the world, assisting people in building their own network marketing businesses. While success has followed Darin in the industry, it’s not what separates him. What separates him is his passion for helping people see success of their own by teaching them to do exactly what he has done. Succeed.


Gaining That Slight Edge in Your Network Marketing Business

Gaining that Slight Edge In Business and Life

The Slight Edge is a philosophy that we can apply to life in general. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a means of processing information that enables us to make daily choices that will lead us to the success in our business. Making the right decisions daily in our network marketing businesses means choosing the right activities to invest in. It means doing little things consistently so they compound and have a big impact.

“Jeff Olson’s training on the Slight Edge absolutely changed my life!” – Darin Kidd.

The Art of Promotion

The Art of Promotion

Promoting is a key element in communicating the benefits of products once they are researched and developed. Effective marketing and promotion strategies drive the long-term success, customer development and profitability for companies. This applies to all marketing, not just network marketing.

Network Marketing: Opportunity and Timing

If you get in front of an opportunity you make money. If you get behind it you spend money. Which do you prefer? Opportunity may be knocking so don’t let others determine whether or not you answer. As Jeff Olson says, “Don’t want what you don’t want. If everyone sees your opportunity then it’s over.” In this video we discuss how to recognize yours.