4 Types of Knowledge to Help You Succeed


“Earn while you learn”

Remember that single phrase and you’ll love to learn new things.

Network Marketing is a great business because it’s truly one of the only businesses that you can earn while you learn.

In this video I reveal the 4 types of knowledge that you can use to learn anything you want faster than you ever have before.

If you learn faster, you earn faster. If you earn faster, you can get anything you want faster…

Here’s what you’ll see in this video

0:53 – The first type of knowledge that everyone knows about

1:10 – The second type of knowledge. This is the one that most people resist because they’re “never ready”.

1:38 – A psychologically proven way to “feel” anything. Feel more confidence, feel like you’re on top of the world, feel like you can do anything!

2:00 – The only difference between you and the top earners in your company is this.

2:35 – The third type of knowledge. Use this one carefully. Choosing the wrong “model” can be the difference between absolute success and total failure.

3:03 – The mistake I made early on in my career but was quickly set straight by my mentors. Don’t repeat this mistake if you want to succeed quickly.

4:05 – The fourth type of knowledge. This is the most powerful type of knowledge. Put yourself in this mindset when you’re learning and you’ll learn faster than ever before.

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Darin Kidd is one of the most sought-after trainers in Network Marketing today. Having been in the industry for over 24 years and is a multiple seven figure earner in the industry. He has personally recruited hundreds of people and built sales organizations with hundreds of thousands of distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he successfully led hundreds of live events around the world assisting people in building their own successful network marketing businesses. While success has followed Darin in the industry, it’s not what separates him. What separates him is his passion for helping people see success of their own by teaching them to do exactly what he has done. Succeed.