5 Can’t-Miss Tips For Network Marketing Recruiting

Listen… Recruiting in Network Marketing is the single highest paid skill you can learn, possess and use to build your Network Marketing business to heights you never thought possible.

I want you to build this skill like no other skill you have.

So I made this video to share to help you build this ultra-important skill.


2:10 – Tip #1 – This tip helps you understand why why most people are dead broke at age 65

3:06 – Tip #2 – Too many Network Marketers believe recruiting is a one-touch type of deal and they have to personally recruit everyone themselves. This tip rips that belief to shreds.

5:50 – Tip #3 – There was a documentary on how lottery winners have said it was the worst thing to happen to them and ended up poorer than before. But if you take away money from a millionaire who built his own fortune, he can get it right back. Why? I show you…

7:40 – Tip #4 – For too many of us, we attach our self-worth to results. Here’s why you shouldn’t do that.

8:56 – Tip #5 – The most important tip of them all. Do this and your Network Marketing career is over.

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Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.

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