The Truth Behind 5 Biggest Network Marketing Myths

Network Marketing is far and away the most misunderstood work from home business model. Most people misunderstand it and there are those who believe that network marketing businesses are for greedy salesmen selling ‘snake oil’. However, this is far from true and the truth is that networking marketing businesses are a great way to earn full-time income working part-time at home.

“Network Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low finanical committment, to build their own income-generating asset and aquire great weatlth.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Here is the truth behind the 5 biggest network marketing myths.

1. Only the Top Guy Makes the Good Money

You are also describing every business. The CEO of nearly every business makes more money than their employees. However, in network marketing, your income is based on your effort and sales, not your ranks. This means that you could make more than someone who has been with the company for years if you put more effort into your work than they do.

2. They are Illegal Pyramids

If you were to apply the illegal pyramid test to most businesses, over 90 percent of them would be illegal, including the government, because they all use the pyramid structure. The truth is not the shape; a company is illegal if there is no service or product provided. Legal network marketing companies provide quality services or products. There are also laws about network marketing that cover refunds, inventory and published income statistics.

3. The Program Is Going To Become Saturated

The market becoming saturated is possible, but there are always new people entering the market. If you know where to look, there are always people looking to buy. Think about how many people own a refrigerator, so how does GE not go out of business? They find new customers and sell to the old customers.

4. They Do Not Work

The direct sales industry was found in 2015 to have grossed over $36 billion dollar just in the United States. This was found by the Direct Selling Association. There are also over 20 million people working in direct sales in the United States. So, network marketing does work, but your success is based on the work that you are willing to put in.

5. You Are Not Going To Get Rich in Network Marketing

Not everyone succeeds in network marketing, but that’s true in any business. The highest earners are also the people who put the most amounts of time and effort into their work. So, getting rich is not the end goal of networking marketing. It’s about hitting your goals every month and being able to stay home with your kids or paying off your debt.

In the past, network marketing has had problems, but like many other industries, these issues have been fixed. Even though network marketing is becoming a part of the mainstream business world, many people seem to believe the myths and miss out on the benefits of working at home.

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