5 Tips for Goal Setting in Network Marketing

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    In this video I share the 5 best tips for how set monthly goals and plan out success to grow your network marketing business. I use detailed planning for how I’m going to recruit people into my network marketing business and I set goals around achieving my goals with a deadline that will help me have success in networking marketing.

    Network marketing goal setting is key to growing your business. Goal setting allows you to have a long-term vision of what you want, and provides you with short term motivation to get you there.

    Network Marketing Goal Setting Steps:

    1. Crystalize your thinking
    2. Set a plan to achieve network marketing goals
    3. Develop a desire
    4. Concentrate on your strengths
    5. Be relentless

    Learning the art of S.M.A.R.T goal setting has the potential to make a significant difference in your network marketing business. Let’s learn how to set network goals for work and get you started with some mlm goals today!

    S = Specific

    M = Measurable

    A = Attainable

    R = Realistic

    T = Timely

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    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We know that network marketing goal setting and planning are crucial when it comes to succeeding in your business. On this video, I’m going to give you five tips to go out there and create your own personal success plan for this year, coming up. Hey everyone, Darin Kidd, thanks for stopping by my channel. On this channel, we give you weekly training content to help you succeed now in building your network marketing business. Now being in the industry for over 25 years, being a multiple seven-figure earner, I’ve definitely been through the seasons of this business. And no matter whether it’s a new month or a new year, every time I’ve gone through one of those challenging times, going back and goal setting and planning has really made all the difference in the world. So what I want to do, is I want to give you five of my biggest tips on how to go out and start completely over, no matter where you are in the business, no matter where you are in your life, this can help you reset.

    Crystalize Your Thinking

    Number one mlm goal, you want to crystallize your thinking. It’s like the old saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” The more detailed you are, the better, because the clearer the picture of your future, the more goal directed your actions are on a daily basis. So, what do they mean by crystallize your thinking? Be very specific, spend some time and dream. Spend some time and think about where you want to be by the end of this month, by the end of this year and write it down, very important. MLM goal setting is a powerful tool for achieving the future you want. It will help get rid of any confusion on what it takes to make your dreams come true and how much work needs doing in order do so!

    Set a Plan to Achieve Network Marketing Goals

    Number two, you want to set a plan for achieving your goal and a deadline to achieve that goal. And so, spend some time, this is not something you want to take lightly. Spend some time and organize a plan. And the more specific the plan, the better off you’re going to be. And remember, don’t get discouraged. It is a journey. So you want to continue to be excited, move forward and keep your eyes on the prize.

    Develop a Desire

    Number three, you develop a sincere desire for the things that you want in life. The late billionaire Paul Meyer, he reminded us, “A burning desire is the greatest motivator of every human action.” And you may be asking yourself, “Well, listen, how do I create that desire? How do I build that desire stronger and stronger?” Well, for me, what I like to do, is stay anchored to my why. What’s most important to you in your life right now? You want to keep that front and center because when things get tough, they will get tough, that’s what’s going to help you stay strong enough long enough, because you’re putting an emotional attachment. Is it your family, is it you’re doing it for your church or charity? Are you trying to help the ones that you love and care about? So the way you keep that burning desire going and that you build it even stronger, is continue to have that why right in front of you.

    Concentrate on Your Strengths

    Number four, concentrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses. As you’re going out there developing your success plan, so many people have been beat down by life that all they can think about is what they’re lacking and not what they already have. Paul Meyer said, “Never give mental recognition to the possibility of defeat.” What does that mean? Well, let me relate that to network marketing, just give you an example that you probably understand. Let’s say you’re going for the next rank and you go, “I am a,” whatever rank that may be. I know directors wanted in multiple companies. “I am a director.” And you start getting close to the end of the month and you go, “Man, it doesn’t look possible.” Every time you have that negative weed seed come into your mind, you displace it with a positive affirmation, “I am a director,” or maybe you’re running for a car program, “I am a car earner.”

    Maybe put it on dry erase marker on your mirror. You have it on your achievement planner. You have it on your refrigerator. I’ve put it on the back of a business card in front of my speedometer, where I see it every single time I look down at how fast I’m going. So, I’m burning that into my subconscious and I’m never giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat, because even if I don’t achieve that exact rank or that exact level at the end of the month, I’m so much closer than I was before, because I didn’t stop. So many people give up way too soon, when they’re going for their goals and their dreams, then it takes them the next month, they start all over and they really never get that momentum. So, focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

    Be Relentless

    Number five, be relentless. No matter what other people say, think or do, okay, that you’re doing this for you and your family. And if you wait until everyone approves, if you wait until people don’t talk about you, here’s the key. If people don’t talk about you, it means you’re not doing anything. The only way you don’t have people talk about you, is don’t have anything, do anything or be anything, we live a life of insignificance. Dogs don’t bark at a parked car. You got to be so determined that you don’t care what anybody else says. You’re going to make it happen no matter what.

    Question of the day, what’s the number one goal you’re going for this year in your network marketing business? The rank, position, income level, make sure you put it in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching this video. For more videos and training content, just like this one, make sure to subscribe to my channel. And we just finished a resource, where if you’d like to dig deeper into setting your goals and making a personal success plan for this year, all you have to do is go to darinkidd.com and download that for free. We will put it in the description and on the video. So thanks again for your support. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you on the next video.

    Darin Kidd is one of the most sought-after trainers in Network Marketing today. Having been in the industry for over 24 years and is a multiple seven figure earner in the industry. He has personally recruited hundreds of people and built sales organizations with hundreds of thousands of distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he successfully led hundreds of live events around the world assisting people in building their own successful network marketing businesses. While success has followed Darin in the industry, it’s not what separates him. What separates him is his passion for helping people see success of their own by teaching them to do exactly what he has done. Succeed.


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