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    Today’s video features Darin Kidd revealing his 5 essential tips for getting more recruits in your business!  His expert advice is especially helpful for building – and succeeding – in your own network marketing business.

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    08:55 3. Remember How You’re Sharing Information

    12:26 4. You are Your Best Investment

    16:27 5. Do the Work

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    Hey everyone. This is Darin Kidd. Happy March, or whenever you’re watching this on replay. I’m excited today to bring to you some top tips when it comes to recruiting. I know a lot about recruiting, because for 28 years, I was a distributor just like you. I had seven years of failing when attempting to bring people into my business. And then, I had things that were taught to me by mentors that allowed me to go out and personally recruit.

    I don’t know what the number was, but it was definitely over a thousand personal recruits. And so, I’m going to teach you some of those things today. Do me a favor. Let me know where you’re watching from as you join. Love to know what city, state, province in Canada, what country. Let me know if you’re watching this.  I see I got Debbie. Good morning, Debbie. Let me know if you’re watching this live or on replay as you join. And then, as I go through the training, if there’s some people that you go, “Hey, listen, they definitely need to hear this as well.” Make sure to let them know. I’m excited to jump right into the training content as we kick off the month, and to help you take your business to the next level

    Let me just mention, on the screen real quick, you will see a free resource that I have available for each and every one of you. Yes, I’ve had people go, “Hey, do you mind if I share it?” That’s exactly why I created it. I give you 20 top tips to use when using attraction marketing.  It’s mainly toward Facebook, but yet it’s good to keep in mind each of those principles that I teach you in that resource at darinkidd.com/facebook. I am broadcasting as usual in many different platforms. I’ve got YouTube. I’ve got Periscope, I’ve got Twitter. We’ve got Facebook. Whatever platform you’re on, make sure that you subscribe or like the page. Also, if you’re watching this, make sure you set it up to where you get alerts.

    Because what I’m doing is each week I’m bringing you different training topics. When it comes to improving your life, improving your business, helping you compress timeframes to get to where you want to be sooner than later. All right. Let me know, how many of you would like to achieve your goals faster or slower? Sooner or later? And I know what the answer is.  Hey, Angela, welcome from Texas. Hey, Bethany. Jeffrey, thanks for joining in Virginia. We got Christina and Sandy that I can see a lot of you coming on board. All right, let’s talk about five top recruiting tips. Once again, my story. I failed for seven years, but what I learned was there’s very simple things that you can do that help improve the recruiting process.

    It’s a Process

    I’m going to give you just five of them today. We’re going to start with number one, that is remembering it’s a process. I know these things sound so simple. People go up to me and how … Darin, can you give me something a little more complicated? Can you give me something … It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re in the network marketing profession, or any profession, the basics are what help you create success, but those basics compound over a period of time.

    So many times, we get in thinking that it’s get rich quick, which is not true. Things that come easy, normally don’t last. And if it lasts, normally it doesn’t come easy. That’s not the way. It is a process. You’ve heard me mention this before and I think it’s a great analogy. We don’t plant seeds or harvest … We don’t reap a harvest in the same season that we plant seeds.  When you go talk to 10 people, or your team, they start talking to 10 people … And they go, “No one joined my business. It didn’t work.” It’s not supposed to work like that. Not only should we not … We need to make sure that we’re not teaching the team and teaching people that, “Hey, look, it’s going to be a very quick thing.” It is a process. You’re in business.

    I was talking to a pharmacist, recently, and he was telling me about how many years that it takes to become a pharmacist. He was telling me the six-figure or multiple six-figure debt that you’re in when you come out of school to become a pharmacist. He was saying, “Look. We get paid two times a month. And the new pharmacist that I’m working with, one of their paycheck goes completely to repay the debt.”

    If you talk to doctors, I’ve got friends of mine that are pediatricians and different practices. They will say, “Hey, look. Darin, It took me eight to 12 years, when you look at my education, when you look at the residency. I was multiple six figures in debt.” And then, they get out of school and they start the process of repaying the debt. That takes many years before the debt has gone. This is a business. It’s not the lottery, right?

    Now, can you generate income at a fast pace? Yes, you can. But we want to make sure that people understand it’s a business. And it is a process. When you’re sharing information with people, whether it’s getting a customer or it’s bringing in a new rep into your business … If it’s not the right time and you’re pushing them into a buying decision, then it’s not going to be good for them, and it’s not going to be good for you.

    You’re looking to build your business on a solid foundation. Remember, just like planting a garden, it’s a good way to look at your business. We know that we’re not going to go out and plant seeds today, cultivate the ground, water the seeds, and expect a harvest tomorrow. Are you in this for the short-term or the long-term?  Because if people are calling you … I got people who reach out to me all the time. And I’m like, look, you’re not even asking me if I’m open. I’m not a prospect for your business. I am a trainer, speaker, coach. I’m working with top leaders and top teams. I’m working with companies. I am not a prospect for your business opportunity.

    But it’s fascinating to see the pitches that they’re hitting me with about, “Get in. Do nothing. Make lots of money.” And people know. People are not stupid. We know if it sounds easy, it’s probably sleazy. If they say you can get rich by doing nothing, they’re lying to you. Or it’s probably illegal or it may be a little bit of both. I don’t know. But remember it is a process.

    The Thompson Rule

    Number two, when prospecting, you want to remember the Thompson Rule. Now, Larry Thompson has retired from the network marketing profession. I’m not sure how long he was in the field like all of you. I know I was 28 years. He was a lot longer than I was, but he made over $80 million. And the Thompson Rule … Because him and his wife, Taylor, they teach this to distributors.

    When you’re prospecting, you have to remember 80% of people that come, they’re looking to join your business. The ones that are open and they are potential prospects, which everybody is a potential prospect … But if they’re open, 80% are happy with making $500 or less a month. 15% are looking to make two to $3000 a month. 5% are looking to make more than that.

    The mistake a lot of people make, and I made this mistake for years is … Because I wanted to make a lot of money, I assumed that every prospect that I approached wanted to do the same thing. Now, it doesn’t mean they can’t transfer from the $500 a month, that 80%, and then, all of a sudden they start making three to $500 a month. That can change most people’s lives.

    I saw an article that said that $300 a month additional would save most people from bankruptcy. When they get to three to $500 month, then they can see a little bit further. They go, okay, well maybe the potential … Maybe I could make a thousand dollars a month. They can switch from the 80% to the 15% and then to the 5%.  But if you ask most top money earners in this profession, they will tell you … If you would have told me that I would be generating the kind of income that I’m generating now, I would’ve never joined you, because it didn’t seem possible or doable. But because they joined looking at that as a way of making an extra three to $500 a month, most people … Then, when they get to that level, they can see a little bit further.  Most of the time they can see double what they’re used to making as they go along. As your prospecting, keep that in mind. If you’re pitching making tons of money, and not having to put in the work, it’s not helping you in the recruiting process. Do not over-hype, do not over-promote. You don’t have to.

    Remember How You’re Sharing Information

    Number three … Let me know if any of these are hitting home, you have an a-ha moment, or let me know maybe what was your favorite tip as we go along. Number three, remember how you’re sharing information. Whether it’s about being a customer or becoming a rep in your business. That is training for your future reps in your business.

    Because they’re looking at you … Remember most people, they don’t like sales. Most people are extremely busy. They’re paying attention to you even if it’s subconscious. Later on, when they’re making a decision of, “do they want to join you?”. They’re looking at you going, “Can I do what you do? Do I want to do what you do? Do I have time to do what you do? And do I want to do to my friends, family, and neighbors, what you just did to me?”.

    Let’s say, for example, they go, well … Hey, Tiff, in Arizona. Tiff, if you go, “Darin, I don’t like sales. And I don’t have a lot of time.” Then I would say, “Tiff, I am so glad you said that, because our business was designed for people that are busy and don’t have a lot of time.”  Tiff, what did I do with you? And if I did it the right way, understanding that part of the training is how I bring them on board, then Tiff is going to go, “Well, Darin, you actually just asked me a simple question.”

    “Hey, Tiff, my wife and I found something that we’re really excited about. I’m not sure if you’re open to making some additional income. If not, no big deal.” And then, what happened? “Well, Darin, you sent me a video. I tried to get you to explain it, but you wouldn’t. You told me that you had this short video that would do a better job than you would.” All right.  You watch the video. Okay. What happened after that, Tiff? “I had some questions.” Okay. What did I do after that? “Well, you sent me another video or you connected me with someone that you were working with in a messenger chat or three-way call. And they answered my questions.”

    “Tiff, can you do what I just did?” And you think for a second and you go, “Well, you know what, Darin? A child can do what you just did.” Exactly. It was demonstrated well which made it duplicatable. Remember, how you prospect is part of the way that you’re bringing someone on board.  Once again, can I do what you do? Do I want to do what you do? Do I have time to do what you do? And do I want to do to my friends, family, and neighbors, what you just did to me? Let’s go the opposite direction.  If I took Tiff, and I kept her on the phone for 45 minutes, and I did this amazing presentation, because I learned it word-for-word from some of my mentors. And I answered every question myself. At the end, she’s going to go, “Well, Darin, it looks good. It sounds good. Man, it’s very motivating, but I could never do what you do.”  Now, I’m just making this up. I’m sure, Tiff … She may love sales. She’s a great presenter. But let’s just say that wasn’t the case. And she goes, “I don’t like sales,” or she may go, “I like sales and I could do what you did, but I don’t have time to spend 45 minutes on the phone with someone doing a presentation. I don’t have time to research and know every ingredient and all the compensation plan examples and questions and all of that. I don’t have time for that. I don’t want to do it. It’s not for me.”

    You are Your Best Investment

    Basics keep it very simple. Number four, work on you. Work on you. You are your best investment. We don’t attract … And this may be hard for some of us to hear, but it was really good for me to hear, many years ago. We don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are. If we want to make more, we need to become more.  When I started working on, “Hey, can I get a little bit better today than I was yesterday? Can I read 10 pages out of a good book? Can I listen to 15 minutes of some type of audio? A YouTube, a podcast?” For me, I listen more than I read. That’s the way I learn and retain. I keep it going every single day.

    But I’m like, all right … I don’t attract what I want, I attract what I am. Then, I need to make sure that I’m working on me as hard or harder than I’m working on my business every day. Make sure that you’re very intentional about your personal growth.  Do you have a plan for your personal growth? Another thing I would do is I would audit. Hey, thank you, Lisa, for sharing that. I appreciate it. Hey, listen, smash the heart button if you’re getting value. That’s how I know you’re liking this type of content. It lets me know what to bring you in the future.

    If you are also getting value and you’re like, “Look, I know some people that need to hear this.” Click that share button like Lisa did. Let me know in the comments. Maybe you need to tag someone that you’re working with in the business going, “Man, I need my team to hear this.”

    But another thing I would do is … We don’t attract what we want. We attract who we are. That can be really bad if we’re not doing the right things. I would encourage you to do a social media audit. If I went to your social media and I look at the last five posts, what would that say about you? I see people that are using their social media for marketing. And guess what?

    Marketing is not just when you put up a curiosity post. Attraction marketing is when you’re putting up things about your family, and maybe fitness and different things about you. Are you a pet lover? Do you love to travel? But when I look at people’s social media, and they’re posting a lot of negative things, and controversial things, and they’re arguing with people … I’m like, wow.

    That’s really … If you’re using it for marketing, you gotta make that decision. What does it say about you? Do a social media audit. Because you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. When I had an organization of several hundred thousand people around the world, it was fascinating that I could have one organization with massive issues. It all went up to the leadership in that leg, because they attracted what they were.

    They were always … They were looking for drama, and we find what we look for. What we seek is seeking us. Work on you. You are your best investment. And then, fifth tip. This is one … Let me know in the comments. Thank you, Kelly, for sharing. Thank you, Leanne. All right, Wendy. Appreciate you tagging someone. And also, Carly. Let me know if you want me to tell you what you need to hear or what you want to hear on this last tip.

    A few of you may go, click. I don’t want to hear this last tip when he starts into it. I want to share with you anyway, because when you’re watching, you’re telling me, “Darin. Help me. Push me. And help me get to the next level.” I’m going to do a training right after this on my personal page, giving you some of my top tips to crush your month.  By the way, give me about 15 minutes. Right after this, go to my personal Facebook page. One of the things I’m going to share on there, giving you my top tips to crush March. This month, my goal is to have my biggest month in my 48 year life. I’ll be 48 this week, this Saturday. I want to have the biggest month in my career this month.  And I’m going to give you some of those secret tips on my other page, but one of the things I’m going to share with people is … I was very fortunate to have someone in my life that told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. And they told me this, “Hey, Darin. There’s one common denominator with all your problems, all your challenges.”

    Do the Work

    And I’m like, “What is it? Tell me.” They’re like, “You. In every problem that you have, in every challenge and all these issues you keep sharing. You’re the common denominator.” I didn’t like to hear it, but I needed to hear it. This last one, you may not like to hear, but it’s true. Do the work. Do the work. We can’t complain about results from the work we didn’t do.

    And what I recommend is tracking it. It is so easy to get caught up in being busy, but not productive. What are the high pay-off activities that are going to get you more customers and more reps into your business? What are those activities? Exposure. Right? Exposures. If you’re like, “Look, I’m exposing one person a day,” well then expect to have very slow growth. I’m just being realistic with you. I’m being real with you.

    It’s easier to build fast than it is to build slow. That’s like investing hundreds of thousands into a franchise and go, “Every day, we’re going to invite one people to come into our location, to look at what we have to offer.” You’re probably not going to make it in business. Exposure is something that I would track on a daily basis. At the end of today and every day.

    I used to have this on dry erase marker on my mirror, where it said, “Look, if my organization did what I did today, how much money would I have made?” There were days that I loved the answer. There were days that I did not like the answer. I didn’t even want to read it, because I knew I was going to go, “Man, I fell off the wagon.” It’s okay to fall off the wagon, but you’ll learn to recognize you’ve fallen off the wagon, and jump back on it a lot quicker than you did before.

    You may go, “Well, Darin, I don’t have a big team.” The attitude, the mindset comes before you become a top recruiter, not the other way around. Before you become a top customer-getter. Track it. Exposures, follow-ups. It doesn’t matter how many people you’re exposing, if you don’t do follow-ups. And you do them the right way. And then, you work with the willing. Those are some things. Exposures and follow-ups. But I would track it.

    Performance measured is performance improved. You may feel like you’re busy. There were times where I felt like, man, I’m so busy. Why are things not working for me? Then a mentor said, “Well, Darin, why don’t you start tracking it and sending it to me every single week? And we’re going to find out either you’re not doing something enough, or you’re not doing something right.”

    I found out there’s one more part to that. I used to go, “Hey, look. Either you’re not doing something enough or you’re not doing something right.” It actually could be both. You could be doing a whole lot of the wrong thing. Either you’re not doing something enough or you’re not doing something right. But if you track it, it may be … Multiple times, I found out it wasn’t that I was doing that many wrong things. I just wasn’t doing it enough.

    Instead of me talking to new people every single day and every single week in my business, I was beating up the same people every single week. I mean, beating up like just going back to the same 10 people over and over and over again. But to me … Because I knew they had some interest, right?  I was confusing activity and productivity. Let’s just go back and recap the five. Let me know which one of these five was your favorite tip? Like, “Oh, my gosh. I needed to hear this.” Hey, thank you, Christie, for the, “Happy Early Birthday.” I appreciate it. Five tips.


    Number one, remember, it’s a process. It’s not an event. I talked to 10 people today, no one joined. I quit. Let’s just be realistic. If you go to the gym today and you just started and you worked out like a maniac. You gave it all you had, and you ate really good today. No sugar, lots of water, the right foods. You come home tonight, you can’t wait to get in front of the mirror.  And I lift up my shirt and I go, where is my six pack? I can not believe how hard I worked today. I ate well the entire day. I drank water, I avoided sugar. And I don’t have any abs yet. Or at least if I do, I can’t see them. They’re protected by one big ab. Right? It’s not that the gym didn’t work. It’s a process. It takes time.

    Number two, remember that when prospecting, the Thompson Rule. Most people are not looking to get rich. A little bit of income … Figure out what you would have to do at your job to make an extra three to $500 a month. How many hours? Take out taxes. Not only can they make this an addition, but you have the tax savings of a home-based business. If someone made no money, but they still have their own home-based business, and you check with your CPA and your accountant … There’s legit tax savings, right?  I’m not a CPA. I’m not going to give tax advice, but between the tax savings, the right way, and generating that extra income, it would change most people’s worlds. 80% are looking 500 or less, 15% are looking to two to 3000, and 5% are looking for more than that. But they can switch categories.

    Number three, remember how you share the information and you prospect new customers and new reps into your business. That’s part of their training in the future. They’re judging. Can I do what you do? Do I want to do what you do? Do I have time to do what you do? And do I want to do to my friends, family, and neighbors, what you just did to me?

    Number four, work on you. You are your best investment. And number five, do the work. Do the work. We can’t complain about the results we didn’t get from the work that we didn’t do. But if you’re doing the right things consistently, persistently, you’re keeping a good attitude … It’s impossible for things not to happen for you.

    Get Your FREE Resource!

    Remember on darinkidd.com/facebook is a free resource for you and your organization, 20 top tips to attract more people to you. By the way, what I do … There is a six-hour training that I have available. And that’s darinkidd.com/coaching. I took six weeks, an hour every week, and went into depth on a lot of these topics.  But if you go to darinkidd.com/facebook on the thank you page, if you’re not ready to purchase that program, which I highly recommend … It’s only … It was going to be $199. Right now, we have it for $147, darinkidd.com/coaching. But if you go, look, I just want to go to darinkidd.com/facebook. You can actually buy one module for $7.99.

    And then, you can purchase the program after that if you want to take it for a test drive. But if you’re liking my training, you will be blown away by the six hours of training that I do with that group over six weeks. But you don’t have to wait six weeks. You have immediate access to all of that. Let me see if I can find the banner for that one. Just so you … Hold on one second.

    Q & A

    And then, let me see if anybody has any quick questions. That’s the one if you want to buy the program immediately. Let me see, Tracy said she likes activity versus productivity. Duh. Work on me and do the work. I like that, Tiff. Thank you, Carly. Totally worth the time and the money. I love it. All right. Let me go back to that. See if there’s any other comments or questions.

    “What if you get a lot of no’s?” That’s common. When you look at a top recruiter, they just got more no’s than you did. Now, what you’re going to do, is you’re going to get better as you go along at saying the right things when you approach people. Getting better at the followup process, knowing the right questions to ask.  In that program that’s on the screen right now, I give you some of those things. Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get. I love it, Kathy. Track performance measured, it’s performance improved. All right, everybody. Well, listen … And then, Debbie, you turned 43 yesterday. Well, happy belated birthday.

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    But again, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re on YouTube. Like the page, if you’re on Facebook. I will go live in just a few minutes. Give me 10 or 15 minutes. On my personal Facebook page.  My goal is to have the biggest month of my career this month. And so, what I figured I would do, I hadn’t been live on my personal page in quite some time. I’m like, you know what? I’m just going to go give some value on that page for those that are following me on my personal page. But I appreciate you, as always. And can’t wait to see you next week on our training. Have a great day, everybody.


    Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors.

    As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.

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