How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook – 7 Secrets!

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    So, you want to grow your network marketing companies reach on Facebook? I have the perfect plan for that!

    I provide 5 tips that will show you how to increase your Facebook Reach, including the reach of your posts. Social media marketing can be a challenging task, but with these simple tricks we’re going to take it up a notch in no time at all. Increase your Facebook Reach and grow your network marketing company starting today!

    Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to reach your audience and grow your following. With the right strategy you can engage with your followers, attract new ones, and increase awareness of your brand.

    Facebook has become one of the most important platforms for businesses to connect with customers. It has also become more competitive to reach other users since it now uses personalized news feeds. If you want to grow your business, then you need to increase your reach on Facebook.

    What is Facebook Reach?

    Page reach (Referred to as total reach on Facebook Insights) is a metric that tells you how many people have looked at the content related to your Facebook Page in a given time period. Before you can get into increasing your Facebook reach, you need to understand what exactly reach on Facebook means.

    Reach on social media refers to how many people saw a post. This is different from impressions, which counts the number of times any given user views your content and ignores whether or not they’ve already viewed your post. That’s why reach can be referred as ‘unique Impressions. We want to be clear about which type of reach we’re talking about, because there are different types of reach on Facebook. Two different types of Facebook reach we will talk about are Page and Post reach.

    Facebook Page Reach

    Page reach is the number of unique visitors who visit a website from a specific source. The higher the page reach, the more likely someone is to click through to another site. 

    Facebook Post Reach

    Post reach is the number of people who saw any of your posts at least once. This metric will be estimated and may not accurately reflect how many times you actually reached them, but it should capture some measure for success!

    To go along with post reach, there is organic and paid reach. Organic reach is the number of people who saw a post that was not boosted with ad money, while paid reach can be thought of as being similar to organic but in this case it only includes posts you have actually advertised rather than just including all public Facebook activity.

    Why is My Facebook Post Not Reaching Anyone?

    1) You’re not posting regularly enough: The first thing people notice when they visit your page is if there are any updates or comments posted by other users. This means that you should post content often so that others see your page is active. The life expectancy of a post in the Facebook News Feed is dependent on recency. A post also doesn’t last forever in others news feed, so one post every now and then isn’t enough.

    2) Your images aren’t clear: When someone visits your profile, they usually look through your photos before deciding whether or not to follow you back. Make sure that your profile picture is clear and of you.

    3) You haven’t added friends/followers: Adding friends and followers increases your visibility among potential clients. It also helps build trust between you and your target market. Plus, having lots of connections gives you access to additional resources.

    4) You’ve never interact with anyone: Interacting with other users shows that you care about their opinions. People like to know that you value what they say and respond accordingly.

    5) Your posting at the wrong times: While some times may work better than others for you, make sure that you schedule posts during peak hours throughout the day when people are the most active. Use metrics like Facebook Insights to see what time your target audience is most active on your profile.

    Increasing Your Reach on Facebook

    One simple trick to increasing your Facebook reach is using image posts. Image posts get more engagement than text-based posts, and they’re easier to share across platforms. You can use tools like Canva to create custom images quickly and easily. Visual content is crucial for your social media strategy.

    Use a variety of post types: If you’re trying to increase your reach, don’t limit yourself to just one kind of post. Try using multiple kinds of posts. For example, try posting videos, pictures, links, quotes, polls, and even live streams. Each type of post has its own set of benefits, so experiment with different kinds of posts to find out what works best for you.

    After doing a post, try boosting it: Boosting a post lets you pay to promote it to a wider audience. If you do boost a post, make sure to track how much it costs to boost a single post. That way, you can adjust your strategy based on how well each method worked.

    Another way to increase reach on Facebook is by creating a Facebook group. Groups boost your Facebook Organic reach and help to retain your customers. Groups allow you to communicate directly with your customers and prospects, which makes them feel valued and gives like minded people a place to communicate. This is a good place to reach your ideal audience and can bring in tons of traffic to your Facebook page.

    The key to growing your business on Facebook is consistency. When you consistently post quality content, you’ll start building an engaged community around your brand. 

    0:00 Introduction
    02:33 Why Facebook?
    03:46 Attraction Actions
    04:27 Tip #1: Make Sure Your Profile is Public
    05:15 Use Yourself as Your Profile Picture
    07:35 Tip #2: Post Consistently
    08:08 Tip #3: Don’t Make Every Post About Your Business
    09:15 Tip #4: Comment and Like Other Posts
    11:08 Tip #5: Post At Different Times Based On Who’s Active
    12:41 Tip #6: Be Active On The Profiles Of Those Who Aren’t Seeing You
    13:51 Tip #7: Engage

    Read the Full Transcript Below:

    20 Tips to Improve Facebook Marketing!

    🙌 Generate 2-3 qualified leads DAILY!


    Hey, everyone. Darin Kidd here. I hope you’re having an awesome week. I know we got this broadcasting on multiple platforms whether you’re on YouTube or Facebook, maybe you’re on Twitter. You’re on Periscope. Do me a favor and let me know as you join us where you’re watching from, what city, what state, what province in Canada, what country. It’s always right to go back and see everyone as they’re joining it from all over the world.

    Anyway, I’ve got some exciting things to share with you today. I just want to make sure that … My email’s been acting up. I mean, my Internet’s been acting up a little bit and we’ve got somebody coming out to service. And so if you can let me know where you’re watching from that will be awesome so I can see the comments coming through, and we will go ahead and get started. I’ve got some really good stuff today to help you with your marketing when it comes to Facebook.

    All right, so we got Lisa live from Florida. I’m still jealous, Lisa. You hanging out at the beach. Thanks for joining. Let’s see who else we have. So once again, if you’re on YouTube, make sure you click the subscribe button. And then also too, you can click the little bell where you get reminders. And then if you’re on Facebook, make sure that you like the page and that also there’s a place you can set to get notifications in the future.

    Hey Ryan, welcome for Roanoke, Virginia. Get someone else from Virginia. We’ve had a hot one today, have we not? All right, we’re going to go ahead. A couple of announcements. So you see on the screen, we’ve got And what that is, that is a free resource that I put together. And it’s got 25 Tips to Crush Your Facebook Marketing. And what I’m going to do today is I’m actually going to go over seven things a little bit differently.

    Hey, Lynette. Welcome. Hey, Nina. I think that’s how you pronounce it from Las Vegas. Hey, Shay. Welcome. Thanks for joining. Appreciate everybody joining.

    All right, let’s go ahead and we’re going to get started. We’re going to keep this short and to the point. Real quick. I’d love to know in the comments that … Heather says, “Darin, Walt Disney World opens soon.” You know me well, Heather. Thank you for letting me know that. All right? I always say that Disney World it wasn’t made for kids. It was made for adults to remember what it’s like to be a kid. All right, so let’s do this. How many of you, what is your favorite platform? What is the one that you’re using the most? Is it Facebook? Is it Instagram? Is it TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter? I’d love to know that in the comments real quick because what I’m doing is I’m putting together several trainings. And then what that’s going to do is that’s going to allow me to go bring you what you want.

    Why Facebook?

    If you want to learn more about TikTok, you want to learn more about LinkedIn, but I’m curious what you’re using right now that’s really your favorite platform because it’s hard to focus on a bunch of different platforms at one time. And the reason that I chose Facebook is because right now it’s the biggest one. I mean, the numbers have gone up about 10% since last year. 2.6 billion monthly users. That’s up about 10% since last year when they had the last number. So it is the number one platform. Every five seconds there’s a new Facebook profile being created, every five seconds. And it looks like from the comments, Facebook is the one that most of you are using. And when you’re building your business and doing things like that, it’s really important.

    Now I will say this. Make sure that you go by the Facebook guidelines when it comes to using Facebook from a business perspective because you want to make sure you don’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize you losing your account. But I want to help you with that. Drop an aha moment in the comments as we’re going through and you have something and you go, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” That’s an aha moment. I would love for you to drop that in the comments as well and then let’s go ahead and get started.

    Attraction Actions

    So we’re going to talk about attraction actions, how to increase your reach on Facebook. Okay? Attraction action or actions. There’s prospecting when you’re building your business and it could be any business, but you’re reaching out to people and starting conversations. But there’s also things that you can do marketing-wise to attract people to you to reach out and ask what you do. And if you don’t think people are checking you out on Facebook. When people apply for a job or anything, they go straight to your profile and they look at a person and they can judge who they are and what they do and what they like. And then sometimes what they don’t like when they see their profiles as well.

    Make Sure Your Profile is Public

    So I want to give you seven secrets to help you figure out how to increase your reach on Facebook, that really helped me with my Facebook reach, Facebook engagement. It helped me get a lot of customers, a lot of reps when I was in the field building. Now I’m a speaker-trainer-coach. I’m not building as far as a company, but I want to give those things to you. Number one, make sure your profile is set up properly. Now what does that mean? I would make sure that it’s public because there’s different settings. And if you don’t know how to, just hit the Google and it will tell you how to change the settings.

    But you can have it to where only friends see your profile. You can have it to where friends of friends see your profile and what I recommend from a business perspective, you have it set up public where anybody can see your profile. That’s really important. It’s something very simple, but a lot of people don’t realize they have that setting on the wrong one for what they want to accomplish. To answer the question “How do I reach more people on Facebook?”, make your profile public.

    Use Yourself as Your Profile Picture

    The next thing I would encourage you to do when it comes to having your profile set up properly is having a nice picture of you as the profile picture. Now I’ve talked about some of this before, but I’m going to talk about it from a little different perspective and add a few things on this training. So you want to make sure that it is a professional photo. It doesn’t have to be professionally taken. Now you can have an iPhone and have or just a smartphone, have an amazing photo. But a good quality photo of you hopefully smiling, where they can see your face. I know you love your animals, but you know what? It doesn’t help you when you’re building your business.

    I’ve seen people that have cartoon characters, I’ve had people that have a motivational quote. You want to make sure that your profile picture is of you. Okay? Because they’re going to look and see, “Hey, look, this person looks like a nice person. They got a nice smile.” They can see your eyes. It’s a quality image. When I have people that have sent me and I’m maxed out on my personal page. But when I look through the thousand-plus pending friend requests, if I see that it’s not a picture of someone, I immediately go, “I’m never going to accept that because why do they not have a picture of themselves?”

    If it is a picture and it’s blurry and it’s fuzzy, not going to accept it because I don’t know why . it just gives you that first impression of not being very professional if you’re looking for business contacts. If it’s motivational quotes and things like that, it just doesn’t work as well. On your cover photo, what’s the biggest image that they see? What’s the billboard that they see when they go to your Facebook profile? It’s your cover image. So what does that say about you? I would encourage you if you look at mine on my personal profile, it has speaker, trainer, coach, whatever, but are you an animal lover? Are you into fitness? Are you into travel?

    So I try to have a nice image because that is the biggest piece of real estate on your profile where people are going to come there they’re going to look at your profile picture. They’re going to look at your cover photo. And then you want to make sure you have everything else set up, but I’m not going to go into big detail on that. So let me make sure that that is making sense. And I know I’m giving you simple, basic things, but you know what? Basic is effective when it comes to Facebook marketing.

    Post Consistently

    Number two: Post consistently, I know we’re busy. The world is starting to open back up. We’re being freed from the quarantine. And so there’s a lot of distractions that people are out moving and we’re busy and people are going back to work. But you want to try to post at least once a day. Just once a day. It doesn’t have to be more than that. But if you can at least post once a day, the algorithm will favor you if you’re consistent and persistent. It will allow you to increase the reach of Facebook posts. So that’s the next thing, posts consistently. There’s no magic formula. However, if you’re consistent, it definitely pays off.

    Don’t Make Every Post About Your Business

    Number three: Do not make every post about business. If you turn on your TV tonight and you go, “Look, we just want to Netflix and chill” and everything that came on was a commercial, you would immediately turn it off. And we need to think about that when we’re marketing our business or what we do. We want to attract people to ask us what we do or know what we do. Well, if everything we post is about business, they’re going to shut it off, they’re going to unfollow or they’re going to unfriend. Now you will know if they unfriended you, if you click on them, but you won’t know if they unfollowed you so they can mute it where they won’t see your posts anymore.

    Comment and Like Other Posts

    So post consistently. Don’t make every post about business. That was number three. Number four. The ones I’m going to give you, the last few are really effective. Before you go and post what I would recommend depending on what field you’re in. I know we have a lot of people that are in the network marketing industry and you’re selling products and services and promoting your business. What I would do is go on and you like or comment, give love on 10 or 20 people’s posts before you post yourself.

    So what that’s going to do is it’s most likely going to put you in their newsfeed as they’re scrolling. Now if you want to go one step beyond that, what you can do is you can go in your Messenger app and it will tell you how many people you have that are active at that moment. You can do this. You can take your notes in your phone and you could, for example, go in at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Tonight you can say, “Hey, look at 6:30 PM. Eastern Standard Time.” You can look on your app. Let me look on my Messenger app and tell you exactly where it is real quick because they just updated it. All right, so mine’s not pulling. Okay.

    So right at the top it will say active. So right now on my personal Facebook, I’ve got 814 people active at 6:30 PM. You may have 100, 150. It doesn’t matter. But then what you’ll do is you’ll check it again maybe tonight at 9:00 PM and then checking it in the morning at 8:00 AM. And then maybe check it around lunch. So over the next couple of days you can write in your notes how many people are active at certain times to find out, “Hey, look, it’s probably better off if I’m posting once a day. I post in mid-afternoon or evening is when I have more people that are on Facebook.”

    And then another thing that you can do and I’ve heard leaders call this the green light challenge. I’ve heard people call it the green monster challenge. If you look beside the people, it has a little green circle that means they’re active right now. So what you could do is the 10 or 20 people or however many you comment or like on their posts, if you want them to see it sooner than later, then you can go to the people that are active, go to their profile and like something or comment. And then most likely as soon as you post, you’re going to pop up in their newsfeed.

    Post at Different Times Based on Who’s Active

    Another tip that I would give you, it’s still a part of the same tip. If you have people that you’ve been sharing information with, maybe they’re a hot prospect, you’ve shared information, they hadn’t said no, they hadn’t said yes. I call these people in play. Then I would have a list of those people. And without you even having to reach out to them, maybe you’re showing a before and after picture of your product. Maybe you’re sharing a story of a single mom that got started with your company, was able to pay off their credit card debt over the last six months with the income they generate from your business, a great story. Stories sell, facts tell.

    And you’re like, “You know what? I would love for these people to see what I’m getting ready to post.” Then you can go on and like or comment on their pages and then your hot prospects most likely are going to see that as well. Let me know if this makes sense. Okay? So do I accept friend request on Facebook? On my personal page I’m full, but if you click follow we’re connected just as if I accepted your friend request. So I do have that available to where you can just click follow and we’re connected. So thanks for that question.

    That was number four. Number five. Well, I kind of mixed the number four and five. Number five was check your Messenger app to see who is active at what part of the day. And you can even if you’re going to post more than once, try to break it up at least three to five hours in between. And you can experiment post some stuff in the morning, do some stuff at night. Most of the time it’s a total different audience. So that was number five, check your Messenger app and post at different times.

    Be Active on The Profiles of Those Who Aren’t Seeing You

    Number six: If you go to your friends list and you scroll to the very bottom, those people are the ones that are not seeing your newsfeed. Now I had a friend of mine, Michelle in Florida, she may come back and watch us on replay if she’s not on right now. And I shared this on a training and she sent me a screenshot the next day and go, “Oh my gosh, it worked exactly like you said it would.” So if you go to the bottom every day and maybe you take five or 10 people. You’re not in their newsfeed. The ones up top, close to the top, those are probably the ones that are seeing most of the stuff that you’re posting.

    But the closer you get to the bottom, they’re not. So if you want to get them, you back in their newsfeed, then every day go five or 10 people at the bottom of that friends list, go like or comment and most likely you’re going to show up. So she sent me a screenshot and the lady is like, “Hey, Michelle, oh my gosh, I hadn’t seen your new pop up on my newsfeed in forever. It’s been months. I’m so glad you popped up. I see that you’re doing something. Do you mind sending me some more information?” Because she had popped in a curiosity post to pique people’s interests.


    You have to know how to increase Facebook engagement organically.

    So every single day, five or 10 people at the bottom of your friends list, engage, interact makes a difference. Number seven, the last tip and then what I’ll do is give you one bonus tip maybe. Engage. Never post on Facebook unless you have that time to engage as people start commenting. Because what Facebook is going to do, they’re going to go, “Okay, they’re real conversations.” Facebook, the algorithm, the only thing consistent about social media and Facebook is it’s consistently changing. People used to say, “Hey, look, drop a one in the comments below if you’re doing this, drop it two.”

    Well, when Facebook sees the same thing over and over and over, they know that you’re baiting them to put something in the comments. What they’re looking for is real engagement, real conversations. That’s what they want Facebook to be used for. So if you post something, be prepared to be able to go on there and they could go, “I agree. Amen. Oh, I love that quote.” And then you go back and you love it. For some reason, the heart seems to get more attention than the like. So you heart it and then reply back. And sometimes you could even ask them a question where they reply back to that and you’re engaging back and forth.

    And so then Facebook, from my experience, I’ve seen them reward you, expand your reach because there’s legitimate, real, authentic conversations going on with that post. All right, let me know if this is making sense. Michael says, “Makes perfect sense.” Lynette says, “Thank you.” Yeah, you can go back and watch this. Whatever platform you’re watching it so whoever, billion35, Periscope, you can go back and watch the replay. It’s on my YouTube channel. So once again, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ve got tons of videos on YouTube. We’re going to be bringing a lot more. If you’re on the Facebook page, there’ll be on replay on the Facebook page as well.

    Let me give you one more bonus. Give love back. Now I know as your following increases it’s really hard for me at this point with several 100,000 people and it’s a blessing because I love all of you. And I would love to go comment on all your stuff, but it gets a little more difficult the bigger your audience grows, but the people that liked your stuff and engaged, go back to their wall and give some love back. Go back and give some love back. And then what that’s going to do, it’s going to create a culture. It’s going to create a community.

    And let me know, by the way, in the comments and by smashing that heart button if all of this has given you some really good value. But give them some love back on their wall. It’s worth it. I mean, because these are the people you’re building relationships with. It’s not just if they keep coming to your page and liking and commenting and you’re not giving some of that love back, most likely they’re going to go somewhere else and comment on other people’s stuff. All right, we’ve got Kathy in Virginia. You’re welcome. Your seventh point. Thank you, David.

    So let’s recap real quick and let me know if you had an aha moment in the comments below. Make sure you can share the love on Facebook as well. Number one: Make sure your profile is set up properly. It’s the first thing that they see when they come to your page. When I say set up properly, make sure it’s set up to public. Make sure your cover photo is nice as well. That’s the biggest real estate that you have. It’s a billboard. You can do it and there’s all kinds of free apps where you can do collages. And maybe you’re a family person. You love your family. Maybe you’re into fitness. Maybe you’re into travel. Maybe you’re into horses.

    So what are two or three things that you could put on that collage that when they go there they go, “Okay, man, because like attracts like.” And it may create a conversation when they go to your page. Also, your bio, there’s different tips and things that I’m going to do a social media. Let me know in the comments, by the way. I’m looking to set up maybe a two-hour social media training in the next two to three weeks. It would be $29 or less where I go in depth for about two hours and teach you some things that have taken me years to learn. Let me know in the comments, if that’s something you would be interested in.

    And by the way, the resource, make sure you download that resource. Then you’re also on my email list and we’ll set up a notification to let you know when we set that up. And then I just want to do some things to knock your socks off, but here’s the deal. The only reason I would do it for that low of a price is, I mean, I’ve hired like one of the interviews that I had, one of the top social media people in the world. I paid a lot of money for a VIP day years ago that completely changed my social media. But the reason I want to do that is because I want something from you. I want your testimonial. I want your story. I want you to come back and go, “Oh my gosh, I took that training and I went out and implemented it. And let me tell you what it did for my business.” So deal?

    I do it in a very inexpensive price. I give you massive value, but I want your testimonial. I want your story to be able to brag on you to everyone. So let’s see. Make sure your profile’s set up properly. Number two: Post consistently. Posts consistently. Number three: Do not make every post about business or they’ll unfollow you. Number four: Comment and like on 10 to 20 people before you post. And it doesn’t have to be a specific number, but at least engage with some other people and show some love before you post so they can come back and you’ll be in their newsfeed.

    And once again, you can also do the green light challenge, which is number five: Check your Messenger app to see who’s active at that time. If you want to get immediate people seeing that, then go look and see who’s active, comment or post on their stuff. And then you also can have a hot prospect list. People that you definitely want to see what you’re getting ready to post because it is a curiosity post. It’s something to pique their interest with business. That was number five. Number six: Go to the bottom of your friends list every day and engage with five or 10 people to get you back in their feed. And plus you want to be able to see them too. I mean, you want to really connect with people because I know if you’re in especially the network marketing field, you’re in that because you want to make a difference. You want to help people with your products, your services, your business.

    So you really do want to connect with people and make the biggest impact that you possibly can. And the more people you help, the more success you have. Zig Ziglar said, “If you help other people get what they want, you’re automatically going to get what you want.” Number seven was engage. Engage with the comments and likes. Be ready when you post to build engage. Don’t just post and go, “I’m going out for a couple hours and I’ll come back and check it later.” That’s going to hurt your reach.

    And then the bonus tip that I gave you was give love back to the people that are commenting and liking on your stuff. Make sure you go back and do that with them. All right, so Kathy says, “Let’s go, I’ll share my testimony.” All right. I appreciate you, Kathy. All right, we got. Yes, please. Suzanne says, I’d be interested, interested in training.” Lynette says, “Yes, two-hour training. Please.” All right, perfect. So we’ll set that up. We will work on that and get that done for you.

    But once again, make sure you grab that resource that we have If you like the seven tips that I gave you, there’s 25 on this resource. It is completely free. Make sure to spread that love with your team, let them know as well. So I appreciate everybody joining. Have an awesome rest of your day, a great week, and we’ll see you on the next live. Take care.

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