The Biggest Network Marketing Mistake People Make

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    In this video, I provide you with the number one biggest network marketing mistake I see happen all the time. During my time as a network marketer, this is a mistake I made and I want to help others learn from it so that they don’t do the same. The biggest network marketing mistake people make is not investing in themselves and getting a coach. The best investment, is one in yourself. Investing in programs, read books, listen to audio programs, find ways to learn from those that are successful. Network marketing can be difficult if you try and do it on your own. I know it was for me before I took time to learn online marketing strategies.  00:00 Introduction 00:41 The Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Make 01:28 How Does Prospecting Work? 03:08 Mentorship 05:34 Growing YouTube 08:48 Be The Best You Read the Full Transcript Below:

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    Hey everybody, Darin Kidd here. Listen, quick question for you. Do you ever get frustrated that your business is not growing as fast as you would like it to? Well, in this video, I am going to give you one big mistake that network marketers make. I know that I made it, and I made it for a long time, and I don’t want you having to go through years of what I went through. I want to help she shave that time off your learning curve. So as you come on, I know we have some people that are going to be watching this live. Some that are actually going to be watching this on replay and I am actually going to start, just to give you a quick little update. I am going to start going back into the studio and doing more videos to give you on this channel, so that will be coming your way but I wanted to share with you this tip today.

    The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

    So again, welcome Juliet. Thanks for joining. See again, even if you’re watching replay, let us know where you’re watching from. Maybe what city, what state, what province in Canada, what country because now our YouTube channel, and I say our, because it’s all of you. We’re one big family here. We’re up to almost 50,000 subscribers and I am going to start putting a huge emphasis on this community. And so here’s what happened for seven years. I don’t know if any of you can relate. I struggled in my network marketing business. I mean, I didn’t know what to do, I never had my own business. I’d never been in network marketing and so for seven years I failed and I would have people say things like, Hey look, treat it like a business. I never had my own business. So I really didn’t know how to treat it like a business, right?

    How Does Prospecting Work?

    I had people go, go out and prospect people. I am like, where do you find people to prospect? What do you say once you find those people to prospect, how do you get them to become a customer? How do you recruit them into your business? How do you create duplication? And so for seven years I made the mistake of not looking for coaches, not investing in myself, the best investment, Hey everybody, you can possibly make is to invest in yourself. And so after seven years of struggling and here’s what I found that I did, I am not sure if you do this or not, but what I tended to do at that time was I would search out people that were in the same position as I was, or even not quite in as good a position as I was, because it made me feel better about myself.

    And then we could all justify, oh, it’s not working for you. It’s not working for me. So it can’t be me. And it was really an easy road out. So when I finally started searching out those mentors, those coaches, I started investing in programs, reading books, listen to audio programs, everything started to change for me. So people now see, been able to make multiple seven figures, build teams of several hundred thousand people around the world, personally recruit over a thousand people. But what they didn’t see was that initial struggle. So here’s what I am going to do, because quite a few of you have reached out to me. Now that I am not in any company after 28 years, I am not a distributor. I am not joining another company. I am full-time coaching, speaking for companies at their conventions, helping companies implement training programs, coaching individuals and that’s more of a… that’s a bigger investment, if they hire me personally, I do that, but it’s a bigger investment.


    But because a lot of you have reached out and said, Darin, I would love, you to actually coach me, work with me, mentor me, teach me because I don’t want to go through… I’ve been in network marketing now since 1991, right? Okay? And that’s a long time. What I am going to do, and this is what I wanted to jump on here real quick, just for a few minutes and announce this. So let me ask you, so I see that you guys are doing awesome at giving me some comments and let me know where you’re watching from, and that type of thing. What if I told you that I would coach you and train you, right? Jump on an exclusive membership group, if you bought me one cup of coffee a week. Would that interest you?

    Some of you may go, Hey, you know what? No, I don’t want to do that, right? Okay, so Juliet says, yes, I need a mentor and a coach. All right, so here’s what I am going to do. Maybe some of you can help me out by typing this in the comments. If you can type in the website, the, number 3, M as in More, The3, number three, M as in more factor I will actually put it in the description of this video once this uploads and it’s finished and I am launching a membership group and when you will see the details of what I am actually going to do on a weekly basis for you and your team and so just for the founding group, you may be watching this video when it’s closed, because we’re going to close it in a few days and it may not be in for a month, it may not be open for several months. I don’t know yet.

    It definitely will not be open for the price that you can actually get that for right now, but for a cup of coffee a week and it’s a tax write off for you. I mean, it’s just amazing. So let me share with you some of the things that I am actually going to be going over in this group on a weekly basis, okay? Prospecting, where do you find people to talk to? What do you say once you find those people? How do you take them through the follow-up process? How do you follow up? How do you have posture? How do you recruit up? How do you recruit influencers? See, the good thing is, I’ve built, now for decades, I’ve built old school where they’re was no YouTube, there was no internet. It was all belly-to-belly. I’ve built with social media, so if you look at my YouTube channel, thanks to all of you, it’s probably in top three in all of network marketing.

    Growing YouTube

    As far as YouTube channels, definitely in the top five in the entire world. So I’ve built without social media, with social media, I’ve built belly-to-belly. I’ve built online. So I can teach you and help you with all of that. How to get customers? How to increase your retention, which increases your residual income? How to start your month? How to close your month? How to get a new distributor started the right way? Accountability, duplication, how to motivate your team? How to get over fear? How to build locally and internationally? I am going to have special guest trainers that are a part of this group. We’re going to be doing giveaways. We’re going to be doing recognition.

    It’s just going to be a big family where we can all grow and learn together. So if you want to be a part of that, I am actually going to go live here after this video, in the next, probably, 20-30 minutes, depending on when you’re watching this, but go to, and then if you want me… And by the way, it’s a month to month, so you can actually cancel at any time. So if you get in and you go, Hey, you know what? It’s not worth a cup of coffee a week, Darin, I am out. You can jump out and there’s no contract. So it is completely month-to-month, virtually no risk and my goal, I am going to… My goal is to be able to spend 80% to 90% of my time investing in this community and this group that joins this membership group.

    So if that sounds good to you, let me know in the comments below, but So right now the enrollment is open. It is at a founder’s price, so you’re not going to see that price, that’s why I am not even saying the price in this video because it is going to go away. So what I would do… I had one lady that actually messaged me. She goes, Darin, I’ve been following your training for the last few months. I’ve rank advanced 10 times, hit one of the top positions in my company. She just spent the entire day. She already had 20, some people registered for this group. I’ve got another lady that’s actually calling through our entire team today and so, we’re going to work really hard to help you. And it’s not about me, this group is going to be about you and your team.

    So me, since 1991, being a distributor, now I am no longer a distributor just going into the coaching, training, speaking world. The reason that I am doing this, and when you see the information on… Hey, I appreciate that. Thank you so much. So when you see the information and the price point, it’s going to blow your mind. You’re going to be like, why would you even spend your time doing that every single week for that low of price? It’s because I want to shake up the profession. I want to go out and create so many stories of helping each and every one of you. Oh, and by the way, here’s why I am calling it, the 3M group, almost forgot this. I want to help you be more, do more and have more, that’s the 3M factor, okay? Be more, do more and have more and I am going to hit on all of those areas, not just in business, but what if you could be a better spouse?

    Be The Best You

    What if you could be a better parent? What if we could help you improve your physical fitness? What if we could help you in every aspect? It’s the wheel of life, physical, spiritual, social, financial, because if you have a flat spot in your wheel, it’s not a balanced life. If you work all the time, sacrifice your health, then that’s not good, right? Or if you lose your family, that’s not good. So what if we can help you become a better version of yourself, become the best version, you possibly and in every aspect of your life and that’s be more, do more and have more. When I talk about, be more, I learned the mistake that I made. I didn’t invest in myself. Right? I thought that things should just come my way without me really having to work that hard for, but then I found out, I don’t make what I want, I make what I am.

    So if I want to make, I have to become more. So, that’s the Be More and then knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power, so the Do More, you have to actually go out there and do the thing. So what I am going to do is, I am going to give you action steps in this group. Very simple action steps, because complexity is the enemy of execution. A confused mind does nothing. You want to keep it very simple when building your network marketing business. So what I am going to do is with the trainings in this exclusive membership group, I am going to give you action steps. So you really don’t have to think about anything, but Hey, I am just going to go do that, right? Lisa goes, can we start now? Yeah, Lisa actually, Lisa you’re the one I am bragging about that went out there to rank advance. I think it was 10 times, hit the top position of your company.

    You already had 20, some people registered so, so proud of you and then have more so as a way of, when you be more, you do more, you’re automatically going to have more and so we’re going to really work hard in that group. So again,, we’ll put it in the description of this video and it’s a race, it’s only going to be open for a few days. So get as many of your team registered as you possibly can and then you’ll basically have me working for you in that group. So thanks for joining. Hope you have an awesome rest of your day and we’ll see you inside the group. Take care. Now, if I can just figure out how to stop the video.

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