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SPEED Up Your Business 1-2 YEARS In ONLY 4 Hours!

Today’s training focuses on how you can easily shave years off your learning curve and catapult your business and your income in just hours, not years! 

7 Tips On How To Get Over The Fear Of Going Live

In today’s training, you will learn 7 tips on how to get over the fear of going live on social media to up your game when it comes to making live video content.

🔥Top Money Earner Secrets For Duplication!🔥

Today’s video focuses on sharing top money earning secrets to expand your network and grow your income. Learn how to duplicate your network marketing business and which tools you and your team can implement right away.

Are You Attracting or Repelling People With Your Brand?

In this training, we cover 7 easy ways to improve your online brand by attracting the right people! Grow your team and your audience faster when you attract them by following these simple steps.

10 Reasons Why You Must Use Video If You Want to Grow Faster

Today’s video focuses on the top 3 mistakes people make all too often when it comes to filming live video. Learn how you can avoid these mistakes and create the best content to grow your following and your business!

Top 3 Mistakes That Network Marketers Make With Live Video!

Today’s video focuses on the top 3 mistakes people make all too often when it comes to filming live video. Learn how you can avoid these mistakes and create the best content to grow your following and your business!

Tips to Get You Motivated and Stay Motivated

In this video training, we talk about 5 top tips to get – and stay – motivated.  If you’ve ever felt unmotivated in your personal or professional life,  these actions are exactly what you need to get where you’re meant to be. 

A Secret of Successful People

In today’s video, we talk about 5 actions you can begin doing today to change the direction of your business and your life.  No matter where you are in your journey, you can start taking on any challenge that comes your way with these great tips! 

This Is Scary and Could Tank Your Business!

In today’s video I discuss what you may be doing that can actually be harming your business and then I share three tips on how you can help keep that from happening.

Discover My Rocket Ship Formula To Launching Your Business Faster!

Today’s video focuses on my Rocket Ship Formula!  This successful formula consists of actions you can start taking today to begin launching your Network Marketing business faster and better than ever. 

5 Tips to Get More Recruits

Today’s video features Darin Kidd revealing his 5 essential tips for getting more recruits in your business! His expert advice is especially helpful for building – and succeeding – in your own network marketing business.

7 Keys to a Breakthrough

Darin Kidd shares his expert knowledge, advice and experiences to share with you his 7 keys to having a breakthrough.  These keys are crucial to incorporating into your daily life to become a bigger, better version of you! 

Top Income Producing Activities To Grow Your Business In 2021!

In this video, Darin Kidd gives his expert advice on the best activities you can do every day to grow your business and get more income.

How To Recruit People In Network Marketing 2021 – 5 Step Plan

In this video, Darin Kidd gives his expert advice and shares 5 easy tips on how to recruit new clients in your network marketing business.

Clubhouse – The New Must Have Social Media App!

Join Darin as he talks about the new social media platform – Clubhouse – and how you as a network marketer can make the most of this platform!

Make More Money & Have More Success in 2021!

Join me as I share with you how to make 2021 your best, most successful year ever! Network marketing isn’t an easy job at the beginning, but if you’re always looking for ways to grow and improve yourself and your business it can really pay off!

How to Crush Your Network Marketing Goals in 2021!

Join me as I break down why goal setting is so important and how to set goals that will set you up for success!

Using YouTube to Make Money in Network Marketing

Join Darin as he goes through his own personal top strategies for building your YouTube channel and making money.

5 Steps to Unlimited Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business

Do you wonder how to get unlimited prospects for your network marketing business? In this video I’ll give you 5 tips to do just that can get you, at a minimum, 40 new prospects a month!

Speed Up Your Business 1-2 Years In Only 48-72 Hours!

Join Darin as he details his best tip to advance your business by years in a matter of hours!

The Power Of Story Telling For Your Network Marketing Business

Everybody loves a good story. Why aren’t you using your own story when meeting with people? It’s the quickest way to make people stop what they’re doing, listen to you and yes… even become a member of your team.

How to Recruit for Network Marketing Using Facebook with these 10 Tips!🔥

Facebook has 1.79 BILLION daily users. Watch Darin’s training on finding and attracting new prospects on Facebook!

Thriving In the New Normal – [LIVE With Dr Fab Mancini]

Listen to Dr. Fab Mancini, who is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert and world renowned Chiropractor, talk about surviving vs thriving. Don’t settle!

3 Online Marketing Strategies For Network Marketing

The marketing world has changed in general, and the network marketing industry is no different. Here are 3 Online Marketing Strategies to help you grow your Network Marketing Business like never before!

Attract More Customers Using Social Media [LIVE With Kim Garst]

Join us as Kim Garst shares her TOP Tips and Strategies on How to Attract More Customers Using Social Media without Spamming your Friends and Family.

Les Brown Talks Network Marketing with Darin Kidd [LIVE]

Darin goes live with motivational speaker Les Brown to talk about how to build your network marketing business during these tough times!

3 Secrets from THE YouTube Expert! [FREE Webinar]

Darin goes live with Sean Cannell in a webinar to give you 3 secrets about how to use youtube to build your business!

Finding Daily Content on Facebook

As a business on Facebook, there will come a time when you run out of entertaining ideas to post. Coming up with unique content ideas is a time-consuming task, but there are some places you can go to find ideas for your daily content.

Just 8 Years to Live: Max Out Your Life

In his top selling book ‘Max Out Your Life’, Ed Mylett says the average person actually only lives for 8 years once you weed out mundane tasks. If we want to gain more years, we need to prioritize our activities.

Get More Leads With These Tips!

In this video I share 3 of my best tips for lead generation in your network marketing business so you will never run out of leads. Having prospects is KEY to your business.

The Secret Ingredient to Selling Your Product

When you’re selling a product or service, how you sell it is as important – perhaps even more important- than what you’re selling. Using storytelling tactics can help you share about your product successfully!

Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

I’ve bet you’ve heard that Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme myth before, right? So have I… a lot. But documentation beats conversation every single time. In this video I bust all the myths with various proofs.

[PRESS RELEASE] New Career Path for Me After 28 Years!

For the first time in 28 years, I am no longer a distributor in Network Marketing. It has been an amazing ride, but it’s time for a new chapter in my life where I can finally help others to do more, be more, and have more in their own business!

How To Stay Motivated In Network Marketing [Video Training]

Staying motivated as you build your Network Marketing business can be challenging at times, but it’s critical to your success. In this video we talk about 3 effective ways to keep you motivated so you can stay on the move!

Network Marketing Mythbusters – Only People at the Top Make Money

Only People at the Top Make Money, they say? Ha! This is one of the easiest Network Marketing myths to bust. In this video, I reveal how ridiculous this myth is and give you PROOF you can hand to anyone who ever tells you this.

Network Marketing Mythbusters – Network Marketing Doesn’t Work!

This is one of the easiest myths to bust. If someone told you “Gym memberships don’t work! Look at all the out of shape people in the gym!“, what would you say to them?

A Quick Tip To Help You Crush Your Business!

When a billionaire gives you a “secret” to anything, you listen. This weeks video reveals to you how to take this billionaire’s secret to mastering anything and apply it to mastering the art and science of network marketing recruiting!

A Billionaire’s Simple Magic Ingredient For Recruiting Success

When a billionaire gives you a “secret” to anything, you listen. This weeks video reveals to you how to take this billionaire’s secret to mastering anything and apply it to mastering the art and science of network marketing recruiting!

I Won the Lottery and You Can Too!

This video is from one of my Facebook Live trainings where we talk about how we can win our own lottery by learning to “become more in order to make more”. It’s a well known fact that a large percentage of Lottery winners end up broke. Why is that?

Network Marketing Tips — Team Building

Have you ever been frustrated with your network marketing recruiting efforts? Darin shares 5 tips that have helped him recruit hundreds of people in to this industry and build teams in the hundreds of thousands.

The Magic Ingredient

In this video, I talk about what one billionaire mentor told me was, “The Magic Ingredient” to success. Not just in my network marketing business, but in any area of life or vocation.

How To Improve Leadership Skills 

In Network Marketing, it is your responsibility to lead your team. If you want to build a massive team of leaders you need to set an example, and help each person reach their own potential in the business.

The Power of Positive Thinking

In this video, we talk about how positive affirmations can affect everything in life, especially your network marketing business. Having the right perspective, the right attitude, and the right attitude it makes all the difference in the world.

Leadership With John Maxwell

It was a dream come true when I was invited to interview and spend time with John Maxwell on stage in Florida at the Elite 2018 to talk about leadership and Network Marketing.

YouTube Marketing Tips

You can connect with people by implementing YouTube network marketing strategies. Today, more than ever, many are using this effective online channel to connect with people globally.

Protected: The Realities of Building Your Network Marketing Business

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Improve Your Closing Technique With These 3 Tips [Video Training]

Everybody is bad, before they’re good. That’s especially true when starting off in your Network Marketing business. Here’s 3 tips to finding and closing the right prospects.

5 Can’t-Miss Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

Recruiting in Network Marketing is the single highest paid skill you can learn, possess and use to build your Network Marketing business to heights you never thought possible. Watch this video to see how to become a master at recruiting for your business.

7 Tips for Getting Started in Network Marketing

Are you getting started (or restarting) in Network Marketing? This video is exactly what you need to watch, right now, to help you build the right foundation / building blocks for a successful network marketing business.

Speed up your network marketing business 2 years, in just 24-48 hours

One tip given to me by a mentor of mine, spending the day in the pool with his kids on a workday, changed my career forever. Watch this video to see how it can change yours too.

4 Things To Help You Go Further, Faster

Shave years off of your learning curve and listen to these 4 Types of Knowledge to help you grow your Network Marketing business bigger and faster than you ever thought possible!

Darin Kidd Featured in New Book “Big Dreamers”

Darin Kidd, a top professional in the Network Marketing industry, has recently been featured in the new book “Big Dreamers,” the latest work by author, award-winning international speaker, and publisher, Gerry Visca.

5 Tips for Goal Setting in Network Marketing

In this video I share the 5 best tips for how set SMART goals and plan out success to grow your network marketing business to a whole new level!

Goal Setting in Network Marketing

Have you ever reached the point in your Network Marketing business where you felt stuck and frustrated? I have been there too. Here are 7 Key Tips to help you reach your best month ever!

Time Vs. Money

Have you ever been frustrated with the amount of time and effort put in your Network Marketing Business? The amount that didn’t match the income? In this video I am going to talk about Network Marketing Time vs. Money Mindset.

Network Marketing vs. Traditional Job

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between network marketing and a traditional job? In this video I will talk about 3 of the biggest differences and what it means to you.

Darin Kidd Interviewed as a Rising Star in Network Marketing

Darin Kidd, a Multi-Million Dollar Earner in the Network Marketing Industry, was recently interviewed by two top entrepreneurs to discuss his growth as a rising star in the Network Marketing industry.

The Rise Of Network Marketing

The big appeal for Network Marketing is that it allows you to be your own boss while still working with a large, reputable company under conditions that you control. Is it true?

Network Marketing Keys to Success: Be Coachable

Number 1 you have to be coachable or teachable. What does that mean? Well most people say “I am coachable”. What they really mean is: as long as you are telling me what I like to hear and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable, I am coachable.

Network Marketing Moguls with Grant Cardone

Network Marketing Moguls with Grant Cardone

Network Marketing Moguls with Grant Cardone recently invited me to be featured on one of their recent episodes. It was an awesome production and I’m grateful for the time!