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Why I Chose Network Marketing

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    We are in the age of the Internet; where companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon dominate the business world instead of Exxon and Walmart. Why? Because the outdated business world that we once knew is long gone. Huge conglomerates like Circuit City and Sears have all but shut down because everything in business has become about building networks and establishing relationships.

    The old cliché, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” has never been more fitting. In my own personal experience, I’ve found that the more relationships I establish, true relationships, the more my business grows. I love people and I love helping others, so is it any wonder that I love what I do?

    The Network Marketing Industry is HUGE
    Network Marketing has been always been recognized as a profession of Direct Sales. Meaning, we sell directly to consumers. Which is nothing new. People sold chariots directly to citizens during the Roman empire. I’m sure, at some point, Caesar bought his chariot from Armando, the used chariot guy down near the Coliseum.

    In this age of the Internet, the industry has evolved and grown substantially. The worldwide sales force has grown over the years to a staggering 100 million independent contractors. As a profession, Network Marketing is responsible for producing over $32 billion dollars in annual sales by more than 2,000 companies in over 70 countries.

    “The opportunity this industry has to really be even more powerful is in taking advantage of the fact that we are living in a moment in our society when technology is reinforcing relationships and allowing us to do more and better business,” – Alessandro Carlucci, Chairman of the WFDSA.

    The Way We Work Has Changed

    For generations, we were taught to get an education, get a job, work for 50 years, and then retire and relax. Unfortunately, only 2 percent of people at the age of 65 are well off enough to “retire”. The rest need to continue working or rely on family for financial assistance.

    Things just don’t work out the way they used to.

    We all think we have to follow this script in life. Go to college (and amass massive debt). Work in a job where “security” is a myth. Sock a couple thousand away a year in your 401k (if you can afford to) and maybe in 30-50 years, you can finally relax and retire.

    Listen, 80% of companies fold these days. And we’re not just talking about mom and pop shops anymore. Layoffs are an almost every day occurrence and as much as you try to stay loyal, those companies don’t stay loyal to you. It’s rarity these days when a company is loyal to their employees and vice versa.

    If you read books by best selling business authors, like Robert Kiyosaki, you can see that most people look for work but wealthy people develop Networks. They develop assets that throw off cash. If our income depends only on us, it can be really scary!

    Network Marketing Has Been Good To Me
    When my father got sick, I had to watch my own parents struggle to pay their medical bills. There is nothing like watching the people who made you the person you are today struggle just to make ends meet. There wasn’t a golden parachute waiting for them at the end of a rainbow. This was real life and my parents were financially wiped out.

    I thank my lucky stars that I got into Network Marketing when I did. Without it, my own mother would have been homeless and broke when my father passed on from this world. Had I given up on Network Marketing instead of seeing it through, I wouldn’t have been able to do much to help!

    Anyone familiar with my story knows that I believe in Network Marketing. It’s not just a job for me, it’s an industry that’s been good to me and my family. I worked my butt off for years living paycheck to paycheck and ended up broke and on medicaid. Network Marketing has allowed me to spend more time with my family, support others, and earn millions of dollars from my personal efforts. Instead of working 70 hours a week on a fixed income so I can make more money for the guy above me, who makes more money for the guy above him, who…wait, that sounds a lot like…

    Is It The Same As A Pyramid Scheme?
    This is something that irks me to no end. I know this term inevitably comes up when someone is exploring this industry. The answer is an emphatic NO. A pyramid scheme is when there are no actual products being sold. It is when people are asked to invest their money and money is the product. They are also illegal and nothing that I would personally consider being a part of my business. I’m sure you feel the same way.Pyramid Scheme

    Reasons Network Marketing Is For Me AND You
    I could give an entire seminar on why network marketing is a business we should all explore, from the college student to the retiree. It’s an opportunity to start your own business, be your own boss, and control your situation.

    Let me just share a few of my favorite reasons:

    Be Your Own Boss
    In most jobs, the more money you make, the less your bosses make. Which is why there is normally a cap on your efforts and a nice 2-4% raise at the end of each year. In Network Marketing, the more money you make, the more money your team or business partners make. Don’t spend your time building someone else’s business when you can be building your own.

    Financial Freedom
    What does financial freedom look like? It’s not always more, more, more. When I go on vacation, my business is still working for me and I’m still making money. If I want to stay 2 weeks, I stay 2 weeks. I’m not tied to my vacation time or unpaid leave. More than that, you’re free to make what you earn and earn what you make. I know people working part-time making full-time income and people working full-time making a fortune. You’ve got control.

    Time Freedom
    This one has been very important to me personally. I have 5 kids and my wife and kids mean the world to me. It’s why I do what I do. I take my kids to school everyday. I go on all the field trips. I work out of Starbucks or my home office (which sometimes I think are one and the same!). We often take spur of the moment trips when we can to Disney or the beach. To many people, time freedom is more important than Financial freedom.

    It’s no secret I love people. I love helping people. I love working with people. This industry is built around people and it creates an unbelievable environment of teamwork. People all over the world, just like you and me, from all types of backgrounds and situations, that are all after the same goals. We get to work together while representing a product and company that we can be proud to support.

    How Can I Succeed In Network Marketing?

    You know ANYONE can succeed in this industry. I truly believe that. If I can do it, you can do it. That’s not to say it will be easy, but Network Marketing is build around repeatable systems and processes and if you want it bad enough, are willing to learn, and ready to work you will do great!

    Download the eBook here
    Download the eBook here

    I recently published an eBook that will help you evaluate your situation yourself. Every successful network marketer I have met or trained had these three characteristics that I discuss in the book. Do you have them? Download the eBook and find out for yourself! I’m here to help if and when you’re ready!

    Want to get started on your own journey to success?  I can help!

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    Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful Network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.

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