Finding Daily Content on Facebook

Duplicate and uninspiring content doesn’t get people’s interest. The content you post on Facebook should be unconventional, interesting, and even exciting! It should be distinctive and more appealing than other content available online, and represent who you are and what you do so you can reach the right people.

As a business on Facebook, there will come a time when you run out of entertaining ideas to post. Coming up with unique content ideas is a time-consuming task, and it still won’t guarantee that your ideal audience would care for your content.

Fortunately, there are some places you can go to find ideas for your daily content on Facebook.

Go on Facebook to see what people are interested in

This is the first place where you should go to get crisp and engaging content. Navigating through Facebook feeds, you can see what kind of post is getting the most numbers of likes, shares and comments. You can use the assembled facts to create a content that fascinates people the most.

Use Q&A platforms to discover what questions people are asking

Websites that provide free-to-use and a professionally moderated Q&A platform are a great place to go if you want to find questions people have about your industry. In order to properly utilize this platform, you have to enter a search term, after which you’ll be greeted with a long list of questions related to your search term. You can take inspiration from this and incorporate the basis of these questions into your content ideas for Facebook.

Gather information on your competition through RSS feeds

RSS feeds or web-readers are a great means to track what your competition has been up to lately. You can also filter out unnecessary information from these feeds, and focus on the more relevant ones. You can use these feeds to understand people’s opinion on your competition and your industry in general. With an open-ended conversation on your competition, you can gather some of the most sensitive information about them. Information such as complaints against them, customer’s experience with their services and viewpoints from other people of your industry can help you get convincing ideas for your content post.

See the bigger picture through discussion forums

Discussion forums are a great place to hear other people’s opinion on different things – industries, brands, people, politics, and more. You can take these evaluations into account and create content that’s appropriate and uncommon. Giving people what they want can reward you with a tremendous amount of traffic.

Getting content ideas for a new post is something that every Facebook business has to deal with.  However, you can have an edge on your competition by being informed of what they’re doing and finding better ways to do it.

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