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Finding Daily Content on Facebook

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    Do you have trouble finding great content to post on your Facebook business page? Do you want to do more than just share motivational quotes that someone else created? It can be difficult to find and create fresh content for your Facebook business page, but with more than 1.6 billion people logging in daily, it’s something you have to take advantage of.

    Are You Sharing the Right Content?

    It’s not just about how much content that you are sharing, it’s also about WHAT content you are sharing. It’s time to find quality content that your prospects or customers want to see, and share it regularly!

    Duplicate and uninspiring content doesn’t get people’s interest. The content you post on Facebook should be unconventional, interesting…even exciting! It should represent who you are and what you do so you can reach the right people. If you understand your target market and the unique issues facing them, then you should have an idea of how to put together content that will be engaging and useful to them.

    Are You Sharing Content At The Right Time?

    Once you know who you are trying to reach and have an idea of what kind of content you want to share with them, you should create a schedule. How often do you plan to post? Where is the line between valuable and annoying? The most common answer to, “How often should I post on Facebook?” is, “As often as you can consistently post quality content.” You will see some business pages that post every three hours and get a huge return from it. Others do well posting 3-4 times per week. Your goal should be to post to your Facebook business page enough to keep your followers engaged. There is no one-size fits all here, so focus on your prospects first.

    Getting Quality Content

    Now it’s time to find that quality content for your page. Where do you start? Fortunately, there are places that you can go to get ideas to keep your daily content on Facebook fresh, inviting, and tailor-made for your target audience.

    Check Facebook Itself

    This is the first place you should go to search for engaging content that’s popular with your target market. Look through your own Facebook feed. Find competitors and businesses or leaders who serve similar markets. Join multiple Facebook groups and engage with people in them. (You should be doing this anyway in order to establish yourself as a thought-leader in your space) Take some time to do your homework and see what kind of posts are getting the best reach and engagement. Find what topics people are asking about in the groups. You can use this information to create content that interests your followers and offers real value to them.

    Also, don’t be afraid of sharing other people’s content. It can be a great way to engage with them AND your audience! Just make sure to give credit where credit is due.

    Look at Q&As and Discussion Forums

    Checking on Q&A sessions in your market can help you figure out what questions people have about what you do. Try Reddit, or even a professional moderated Q&A platform. You can take inspiration from these ideas and answer these questions on Facebook.

    Discussion forums are a great place to hear other people’s opinion on different things – industries, brands, people, politics, and more. These forums can give you another place to check for what people in your industry are interested in. Giving people what they want can reward you with a tremendous amount of traffic.

    Videos are Key

    Videos are going to be your best friend. And not just YouTube videos(though those are great too), but native Facebook videos. Particularly Facebook lives. Video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members of a group. So try a video series, a testimonial, a day in the life, whatever makes the most sense for your business!

    Share Your Life

    People don’t buy products, they buy the experience they will get from the product. You are your own best testimonial! Show how your product has made your life better. Connect with your audience by reminding them that you’re not just a seller of a product, you’re a person just like them.

    Worldwide, there are over 2.50 billion monthly active users on Facebook so if you aren’t actively creating and sharing valuable content on your Facebook business page, you are missing some major opportunities to brand your business and connect with people. You don’t have to miss out! Use the ideas above and be active on your Facebook page. Find ways to connect with people and build relationships. Everyone prefers working with someone they know.


    Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors.

    As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.

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