How to Stay Motivated in your Network Marketing Career

In the competitive and challenging world of network marketing, it is common for distributors to feel overwhelmed. Many network marketers often wonder why they chose this career and whether it will ever work. This is perfectly normal, but how you handle such days is going to determine whether or not you will become successful. Darin Kidd, a leading network marketing trainer, recently shared a few tips on staying motivated, even when you feel like quitting. Read on below and get inspired.

Have the Right Attitude

There are times when the struggle to keep going is real. It is a must that you hang in there and never give up when it comes to dealing with those off days of Network Marketing. While this is a very innocent little choice, the instant you give up could change the whole course of your life. It is a major defining moment and how you handle it can have a huge impact.

A positive attitude is one of the main keys for success in network marketing. You must decide to believe that you can achieve success. Even though failures are a part of life, you should consider them part of the journey to success. Challenges are supposed to make you better and stronger. The right attitude is all about seeing any obstacles as an opportunity to conquer them and win or as a chance to learn a new skill and get better. We want to have the attitude that we never fail. We either win or we learn. Every day is a battle to block the negative and fuel the positive to help maintain a positive attitude. Pay attention to what you read, listen to, watch, and the people around you. Think about what you are thinking about at all times. Focus on what you CAN do and NOT what you CAN’T do. Look for the positive in every situation. All of these things affect our attitude and belief system.

There are times when the struggle to keep going is real. It is a must that you hang in there and never give up when it comes to dealing with those off days of Network Marketing.

Take Action Now

Many network marketers constantly doubt themselves and their ability to produce good results. They often find that they are making excuses and offer some justifications as to why they cannot give their best. One of the common excuses is that they do not have enough knowledge to successfully run their business. They don’t feel ready. According to Darin, “One hour in the field is worth 20 hours in the classroom.”

While learning is important, it should be done in a constant cycle where you are always taking action. Start doing the activity, learn and improve your knowledge and then gradually you will get better and better. Be persistent and consistent in everything you do while keeping a positive attitude.

That is why Darin recommends that you ACT the way you WANT to feel, rather than act the way you actually feel. Psychologists have determined it’s easier to ACT your way into feeling than feel your way into acting. Emerson told us to, “DO the thing,” and then you will have the power. He didn’t recommend WAITING for the power and then go do the thing. Most days we will not “feel” like being positive or doing the activity. This is a comfort zone that takes us back to where we’ve always been, which is never comfortable. It’s just we are used to being there. We have to be a little uncomfortable for a period of time in order to be very comfortable later. We have to learn to manage our emotions and keep pushing forward no matter how we feel.

Ultimately, if you are committed to the journey, you will see the challenges you are facing in your network marketing business as an untapped goldmine that will take you closer to the positive results you want to achieve. Block out all negative feelings and focus on fueling a positive attitude. Check out blog pages for more free helpful tips from Darin Kidd.

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