How to Use Instagram For Network Marketing

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    Today’s training is about learning how to use Instagram for network marketing as well as Instagram prospecting and recruiting. 

    Instagram has recently passed the 1 billion global users mark and its growth has been consistent without any signs of slowing up., while being one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in the app store. 

    Today there is more opportunity to reach prospects on the platform than ever before and its only going to become more important to know how to use in the future. Anyone who wants to grow their network marketing business should learn how to network market on Instagram.

    How to Prospect on Instagram

    When looking to grow your network marketing business on Instagram, it is important to create relationships and engage with prospects. Whether it’s commenting on their photos, or through direct messaging, building relationships through engagement is a must.
    With Instagram, there are normal posts, reels, and stories. For network marketing, it is important to use these three options correctly and gain more attention to yourself. Through hashtags and other methods, you can learn how to use Instagram for Network Marketing and grow your business.

    Below I provide a guide of tips for Instagram Prospecting

    In This Video

    00:00 Introduction: Network Marketing Instagram
    01:54 Be Persistent and Consistent
    03:22 The Social Media Accelerator
    04:21 Instagram Prospecting Tips
    05:08 Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags
    08:35 Engage and Grow
    10:23 The $1.80 Formula
    12:27 Use Reels

    Read the Full Transcript Below

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    Full Video Transcript

    Introduction: Instagram Prospecting

    Hey, this is Darin Kidd. I hope you are having an awesome day and yes, we’re having a thunderstorm, but I want to come on here and just chat with you just for a few minutes and teach you how to use Instagram to build your network marketing business. Even if you’re not in network marketing, these steps still apply, whatever industry that you’re in. So do me a favor as you join, whether you’re watching live or on replay, let me know where you’re watching from, what city, state, province in Canada, what country and that’s always good to see this community is growing and growing fast. So if you’re on the YouTube channel, do me a favor, smash that subscribe button. That way you’re going to get alerts as I continue to bring you training every single week and I do have some exciting news coming to you on the YouTube channel here in the next few weeks as well.

    If you’re on the Facebook page, you’re also seeing this page gain a lot of traction. We had two posts the other day that just blew up over one point. I think last time I checked over 1,300 likes, hundreds of shares and so that’s because of all of you. So I want to say thank you because when you smashed the like button, smash the heart button, smash the subscribe button, smash everything, right, what that does, it pushes the content out to more people and that’s going to help us reach and impact more people to help better their lives. So I appreciate you joining. Now, we’re going to get right into the training. Again, let me know where you’re watching from. All right, Nigeria. Thanks for joining. I’ve got a few notes here. Now, let me go find my notes. Let’s see what I did with them. Don’t you love that, right? I had them all saved and ready to go and all of a sudden they disappeared on me. All right. But that’s okay. We’re going to go ahead and rock on a long, and so let me start off by saying this.

    Be Persistent and Consistent

    When it comes to social media, the number one thing that I’m going to tell you, I’m going to give you three tips for how to use Instagram for network marketing but when it comes to any social media platform, the number one thing is to make sure you’re persistent and you’re consistent. All you got to do is go back, for example, if you’re on my YouTube page, I’m sorry, my Facebook page, the business Facebook page, you will see there’s a period of time we were not consistent, we were not persistent, as I was transitioning over from being a distributor in the network marketing world, and also owning franchises to being a trainer and speaker and coach and consultant full time.

    You will see that our engagement just went completely down. I could post with almost 170,000 people just on my Facebook page, I could post and you get a few likes and I’m like, “How is that even possible? But I’ve got friends of mine, the exact same thing but once we started being persistent and consistent and just posting some type of content multiple times a week, now you’re starting to see hundreds or over a thousand likes, hundreds of shares, tons of engagement and so that’s definitely a tip, no matter what platform that you’re on is make sure that you’re being consistent. Don’t worry so much about being perfect. Don’t worry so much about how phenomenal content. Yeah, do the best that you can but if you’re consistent, it’s going to make up for waiting for a long period of time, because you don’t feel like you’re ready to post anything.

    The Social Media Accelerator

    So that’s number one, and by the way, the link you’re going to see on the screen right there, That was a training that we just finished up. We have four different trainers. The first week I went over an hour and 40 minutes giving you content to accelerate your business using social media. Then we had Brandon Cunningham, which you will see on that page who’s team has done over $200 million in sales. You had John Metton who’s team put on 100,000 customers in the last 90 days. Then we had Rob Sperry, who was the number one recruiter out of a million distributors and written five books and now he’s a trainer in the industry. All of those are on that training. So you can get more information and by the way, the price you see right now is not the price it’s going to be within the next couple of weeks, because now that the training is done, we’re going to fix it where it’s evergreen and it’s going to be at a higher price so if that’s something that you’re interested in, take a look at that.

    Instagram Prospecting Tips

    All right, let’s go into the tips when it comes to using Instagram. Now, there’s something, this is new. This just came out and so I’m giving it to you right off the press, hot off the press. Up until recently, you would hear different trainers, social media experts saying different things when it came to using hashtags, using hashtags when you’re posting on Instagram. These are three simple tips. I could give you 20 or 50 tips, but that’s not the goal of this quick little training. The goal here is to give you three things that you can implement today that can start helping you get better results today. So I just want to preface the three tips that I’m going to give you.

    Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

    But up until now, you would have people going, “Man. How many hashtags do you put?” Because a hashtag is what people use to find you when it comes to Instagram. So we just booked our family Disney trip for Christmas and what did I do the other day because I’m more excited than my kids? I looked up hashtags when it comes to Disney World Christmas, Disney Christmas, Mickey’s Christmas. I was looking through all of these different hashtags and looking up different posts and looking at pictures and looking at things to do when we go to Disney, that’s how I was finding the information that I was looking for. Rhonda, you’re exactly right. They used to say post up to 30, but then there were different trainers that were saying, “Hey look, if you post 30, then you’re going to get shadowbanned.” What does that mean?

    It means they basically crush your reach and no one’s going to know anything about your post, not too many people are going to see your posts, but here’s the latest and the greatest. They’re saying eight to 15 hashtags that pertains to your posts. So if you’re posting about health and wellness, if you’re posting about travel, then what I would do is I would look up hashtags and then pick some hashtags between 50 and a couple hundred thousand, because like, let’s just look for example. All right. So let’s say, without saying the name of your product, one of you please just let me know what are you in? Is it health and wellness? Is it a service? Is it travel? Is it nutrition? Let’s just look it up together and I’ll give you an example. All right.

    So let’s just say, because I know that the hashtag, I mean the comments are a little delayed, so let’s look up, for example, weight loss or health and fitness or whatever it may be. So I go to hashtag on the app and weight loss has 76.4 million. Okay, thank you, I don’t know if you pronounce it Cheryl or Cheryl. In the country, my wife’s name is C-H-E-R-Y-L. They say Cheryl but then most people prefer Cheryl. So we’ll say Cheryl. So Cheryl, health and wellness, I’m looking at weight loss, 76.4 million posts. It’s easy to get lost when you have 76 million hashtags using that same thing but if you keep coming down, it will give you, like here’s one weight loss ideas, 593,000. So that would be one where you would, where they misspell weight loss. Okay. 356,000. Let’s see weight loss struggle, 515,000, but you can go through, here’s one. Weight loss support and that one’s 250,000. Weight loss tip, 194,000.

    So what you want to do is pick eight to 15 hashtags that have something to do that pertains to your posts. You don’t want to bait and switch people and what’s going to happen, you’re going to have a lot more visibility, but Instagram is now admitting that yes you do, it is better to use eight to 15, and then I would choose anywhere from 50 to maybe a couple hundred thousand or more. You can experiment, maybe some less, maybe some more, but the odds of you being seen are a lot higher if you do that. All right, so your niche and post specific.

    Engage and Grow

    The number two tip for how to use Instagram for network marketing, engage and grow. So number one was hashtags. Number two, engage and grow. What do I mean by that? You engage with the brands because if I’m on the app and I’m doing this with you, and I know you can’t see this, but you can click on the, no, it’s not working. You have the hashtag up top and what you can do is you can search hashtags that have something to do with what you’re marketing. So let’s say it’s health and wellness. I don’t know how to pronounce your name. I apologize. Ehouma, maybe. I know Ronda’s health and wellness, but let’s say it’s something regarding to health and wellness. You can actually go on there and type that in, and then you can look up different ones. So let’s say that I pick, let’s just stick to weight loss for sake of time, right?

    So I go to weight loss, I click on it. Then you will see top and most recent. Now, if you go to top, you have to be careful because it could be a post from several years ago and it’s easier to get lost when you’re looking at some of the ones that have thousands of likes or have been around for several years. But if I go to recent and I go to one right here, where there is just a few people that have commented on it or liked it, then what I would do is I would engage but make sure it’s a real, authentic engagement. It’s not just emojis. There’s people that comment on my stuff and I look, and I know they have someone that they’re paying to go engage on other people’s content because it’s just like emojis. There’s no authenticity to that. So in other words, if you just posted a before and after picture and you have a weight loss product or a health and wellness product, then I may go, “Hey man, that’s a great story. Congratulations.”

    The $1.80 Formula

    You know, something like that so they know that I read the post, that I’m a real person engaging with that post. Now Gary V, Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s one of the top social media experts in the world. Massive following on social media. He calls it his $1.80 formula. Let me know in the comments if you ever heard of Gary V and let me know if you’ve heard of the $1.80 formula, just curious, but here’s what he says. Every day, now this is if you really want to get serious about using Instagram and I saw a person who they said, “Listen, I’ve been growing my followers now by like two or 3000 followers a month by using the $1.80 formula and using the hashtags,” and different things that I’m sharing with you.

    So here’s what it is. You find nine hashtags that are relevant to what your audience would be, health and wellness, whatever it is, then you make 10 comments like real, authentic and engaging comments on people’s posts. So if that’s nine hashtags, 10 comments on each, that’s 90 comments and if you don’t want to do that much, you don’t have to. But if Gary V has done what he’s done and you’re like, “I really want to take up my Instagram game,” then this is the way you scale your Instagram game a lot faster. Then you put your 2 cents in. So nine times 10, that’s 90 comments, your 2 cents, that’s where he gets his $1.80 formula. So if you’re doing that on a daily basis, you’re going to engage and you’re going to grow.

    So example the beauty industry, one could be a simple beauty hack, #simplebeautyhack. You go to top, you go to recent, you can look at all the different posts and you can pick and choose different ones to engage. So search those hashtags, comment thoughtful, authentic comments and if the account makes sense, then you can follow them and keep engaging in them and you can even have a note in your phone or a way to track the ones that you really want to keep in touch with.

    Use Reels

    Now, last but not least number three, which this is really growing at a very fast pace and it has the highest reach on Instagram right now. Now, if you look on my Instagram, we’re starting to implement these. We took some of my silly TikTok videos, where I was embarrassing my kids and we uploaded those to Reels because this is the quickest way to reach your non-following audience. So a lot of times when you’re putting post up, the people that follow you may see some of your posts, but if you’re not using hashtags, you’re not going to reach new people most of the time and then when you’re using Reels, like it’s almost, they’re giving you a lot more reach, a lot more bang for your buck, because it’s going to go to your non-followers, and it should be enticing. What you can do when it comes to creating Reels, you can go use music or sounds that are trending.

    Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. This is what I did with TikTok. I just went on TikTok, I looked at some of the things that were trending, some of the sounds that were trending, some of the silly dance moves that I thought I could halfway do and I didn’t get that creative. I just copied what they did and put my own little spin on it and made it fun, made it enticing and had one of them 700,000 plus views and I put on like 20, 30,000 new followers with one video. Well, that’s basically what Reels are doing right now when it comes to Instagram. So spend less time thinking and just use some of the trending sounds and the music that they’re already using that. All right, so anyway, that’s just three little simple tips.

    It doesn’t have to be fancy, fancy a lot of times doesn’t work. Let me know, just curious, before I close out, what was your favorite tip? Okay. Was it number one, learning that hashtags, now it’s eight to 15 hashtags and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I needed to know that. Now I’m able to reach more people.” Was it engage and grow? Making sure that on a daily basis, you set a goal and it’s not about results. It’s not about converting people to buy your product, buy your service, join your business. It’s about creating those conversations that can lead to people seeing your Reels, seeing your posts, seeing your stories and the next thing you know, they’re like, “Hey, tell me a little bit more about that drink that you’re drinking, that gave you more energy, that helped you sleep better, that helped you lose five pounds of fat in the last two weeks.”

    Then number three tip for how to use Instagram for network marketing is Reels. Those funny little videos or engaging videos, those creative videos using the current sounds, trending sounds and music. All right so Neptune said, “Engage and grow is your key.” All right. That was your aha moment. Cheryl says, “Hashtags.” That helped her. Okay. Hello from Pakistan. Hey Rhonda. All right. Appreciate that, Kate. Well it was a great catch up with everyone. Again, make sure go check out If you want to see the course that we just finished, that is phenomenal over, let’s see, I would say it’s close to a billion dollars in sales from all four trainers that are part of that training and then depending on whether you’re on YouTube or Facebook, make sure you smash that like, that heart, that subscribe button that gets this content out to more people. But as always, I appreciate you. Have a phenomenal rest of your day and we’ll see you on the next training. Take care.


    Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors.

    As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.

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