Live Training - Wednesday, April 28th at 8:00 PM EST

Discover The New Method Of Livestream That

Generates Sales, Recruits & Rank Advancements Faster

Live Training - Wednesday, April 28th at 8:00 PM EST
(Don't worry if you can't attend live, you will get the recording!)

Ready To Crack The "Live Video" Code?

Let’s face it…

Live streaming (and heck, even pre-recorded videos) can be intimidating.

"What if I say the wrong thing and sound stupid."

"I don't have the right equipment."

"I'm having a bad hair day."

"I don't know enough to share anything of value."

"People are going to judge."

"I'll do a live tomorrow."

Does any of that sound like you?

You’re not alone.

Fact is, network marketers like yourself start doing live video because you’re tired of chasing people and no longer want to deal with the uncomfortable prospecting techniques that you’ve been taught.

And I don’t blame you.

Business growth can be slow and painful if you solely rely on outdated prospecting and recruiting strategies (even on social media).

So whether you’ve been going live for quite some time and want better results, or you have yet to build up the courage to go live for the first time, then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

You can now “steal my playbook”, during an upcoming live training and use it to create live and pre-recorded videos that bring in massive sales, recruits, commissions and rank advancements you’ve never achieved before.

Plus you get some bonuses to ensure results are easy peasy

Bonus #1 - Top Pro Video Tools On A Budget ($47 Value)

Ever wonder how some people seem to have super high quality video, lighting, and sound?

Now you can too with my top tool list for creating “movie worthy” content even if you don’t have a ton of moolah to drop on tools.

Inside this PDF you’ll find my preferred equipment that has helped my videos skyrocket into the millions when it comes to views!

Bonus #2 - Fill-In-The Blank Livestream Title Cheat Sheet ($77 Value)

One of the most important pieces to creating engaging live videos is getting people to consume your content so they turn into regular viewers. The first step in that process is stopping them from scrolling past your live video in the newsfeed. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of fill-in-the-blank titles that are proven to be scroll stoppers!

Simply open the cheat sheet, come up with a few words and your off to the races! This is like mad libs for your video titles and will make the process a breeze.

Bonus #3 - Ultimate Livestream Content Idea List ($97 Value)

One of the biggest challenges to consistently creating good livestreams is coming up with topics that your audience would watch.

Struggle no more with this handy content idea list that shares with you topics that people love.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or business you’re building, you’ll find coming up with what to talk about super simple with this guide.

Everything you need to finally feel confident that your social media effort will help you hit your highest goals.

My "Are You Kidding Me?"

I’m going to take ALL of the risk here. When you invest in Livestream For Leads, if for some reason you do not get more leads, sales and recruits with ease using the strategies and system, I will personally give you a full refund.

You have a full 30 days to test everything out.

Go through the training, download the bonuses and allow me to prove it will work for you. If it doesn’t, simply send an email to and I will promptly issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll be equipped to go live so you can…

Whether you’ve never done a live video or you’re a pro looking to dial in your process, I’ll teach you how to make sales faster with the power of live video.

People will feel like they know you, love you and trust you which means conversations with people will be so much easier.

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