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Network Marketing Keys to Success: Desire

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    So we went through the first two of the three. You have to be coachable, you have to be willing to work, and last but definitely not least you have to have desire. Here is the key when you get in your network marketing business, you don’t want to just say “I am getting in the business to make money”. You have to put an emotional attachment to the money. It is what the money will do for you. When you put other people in your goals and your dreams you will work so much harder for them then you will ever work for yourself. So the late billionaire Paul J. Myer said something one time that I have never forgotten he said:
    “The clearer the picture of your future, the more goal directed your actions are on a daily basis.”
    What tho seeist, tho beist. You have to see it here before you see it there. So when you put an emotional attachment it is not a thousand dollars a month, okay maybe it is. Like a lady shared with me: “I want to take my kid out of the school that he is in, because he is being bullied and it tears my heart out every day to see that happen. We want to move to a different neighborhood, we want to move to a different school system, where he is not dealing with that.” Maybe it is to retire a spouse, maybe it is you want more time with your children. So with me, back 16 years ago when I was bankrupt and our car was repossessed, we were on government assistance. I remember my daughter had a big coca cola plastic piggy bank and we were putting change in that bank every so often and we said someday we’ll go to Disney World. Well some people some days are other peoples everydays. And one day she came in – we had the money out on the floor. My wife and I are on our hands and knees and we are getting that change just enough to be able to go get some food. She runs in and sees mommy and daddy taking her money for Disney World and runs out crying and I remember taking that and keeping that snapshot in my mind. And every time I felt like quitting I would replay that and I would go:
    I even put that on my wall. I will until. I remember someone said Darin success is buried right underneath frustration, so I knew I had to be close, because I couldn’t get much more frustrated than I was at that time. So what tho seeist tho beist. Put an emotional attachment to the money. And every time you feel like quitting, which if you’re like me okay that was about 100 times a day when I got started in the industry, now I am down to about 2 times a day. That is what will help you stay strong enough long enough.

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