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Network Marketing Keys to Success: Willing to Work

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    Okay everybody so number 1 was be coachable or teachable, number 2 is willing to work.

    When you get in this industry it is called network marketing, not net play marketing, not net win the lottery marketing, not net let me get in and see what happens.

    The challenge with network marketing is what is easy to do is easy not to do. If you invested several hundred thousand dollars in a franchise we would treat it very serious, but because the entry is so low to get into this industry what is easy to do is easy not to do.

    Okay, so we lead a voluntary army which means most people will not do it. So if somebody says look you can get in and do nothing you are going to make alot of money you are going to get rich. Well here is my advice, if it sounds easy it is sleazy, because nothing in life is free and the longest distance to success in network marketing is a shortcut.

    You have to step up to the counter and pay full retail price for success. So it is network marketing not netplay marketing and first you are going to put in work. It’s not work a job you exchange time for money. In network marketing you work hard at first, you see very little results and it gets frustrating because we start to focus on the results. You can’t worry about the results, we can’t control results, but we can control the activities that will eventually lead us to the results.

    So just make a decision to be consistent, persistent, keep a good attitude, don’t focus on the results. Stick and stay and eventually you will get your pay.

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