Network Marketing Mythbusters – Only People at the Top Make Money

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    Have you ever looked a corporate structure? They look something like this image

    Quick question about that structure: Who makes the most money? The top dog, right?

    In most corporations, the CEO / President makes the most money while everyone else gets less. Often significantly less.

    No one ever questions that arrangement… but they turn around and perpetuate one of the the biggest myths in Network Marketing: the people at the top are the only ones making any ‘real’ money!

    That is a complete myth. I’ve made more money than some of those in my upstream many times over. Sometimes, it’s not even close.

    Do people in my upstream tend to make more money than me? OF COURSE they do! Like your boss does now.

    But it isn’t always like that. It depends entirely on what you’re willing to put into it.

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    In this video, I share with you

    • The reasons why this myth completely false
    • Why some corporate America managers hate to see you succeed… and why you’ll never see that in Network Marketing.
    • The completely fabricated myth of “The Market Will Be Saturated”.
    • Two other markets that are considered “saturated” yet create a massive number of new success stories every year.
    • The simple, yet overlooked reasons our market is growing every single day

    If you want to do network marketing, you have to put in the work! But you don’t have to go at it alone. My video with 7 tips that teach you to increase your leads and build your team will help immediately- if you’re willing to work!


    Darin Kidd is one of the most in demand trainers in Network Marketing today. After his vast 28 years in the industry, he has acquired a lot of knowledge. He is a multiple seven figure earner with over 1,000 personal recruits and built teams of thousands of distributors. As an accomplished trainer and mentor, he has led hundreds of live events around the world and assisted people in building their own successful Network Marketing businesses. His passion is helping people see success of their own by teaching them what to do.


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