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The Secret Ingredient to Selling Your Product

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    When you’re selling a product or service, how you sell that product can be as important, or perhaps even more important, than what you are selling. This is particularly true in Network Marketing, where you are often interacting with people that you know. You have to focus on what a product can offer the consumer more so than what it is. Research shows that value can be defined as the difference between the price you charge and the benefits the customer receives.

    For example, if you are selling a line of skin care products and promoting that customers will, “get a full range of skin care products for one low price”, you may find trouble generating a strong return on your promotions. Your prospective customers can purchase the same type of products from other companies and even brick and mortar stores, so why would they come to you? Price?  Are you trying to market to the lowest bidder?  Now if you market these same skin care products with statements like, “Get perfect skin!” or, “Look 10 years younger while protecting your skin”, statistics say you have a much better chance of generating leads and calls.

    It’s all about establishing the perception that you are helping customers solving problems…preferably problems that a lot of people can identify with. If the customer perceives they will receive a huge benefit from your products for the price, their perception of its’ value will be very high. You can control that. Teach people how much they will benefit, how much your product or service will help them solve their problems. The more you focus on these values, the less important price becomes.

    3 Tips for Marketing Your Products

    Tell your product’s story

    In today’s cut-throat market, it is important to develop an engaging story about your product if you want to attract customers. When you only discuss percieved benefits, features and facts, and pricing for your product, you will lose out opportunities for engaging with the emotional value of your product. Storytelling uses emotions and testimonials to talk about the reasons customers should purchase your product above all others. It’s why you see you a family sitting around the fire smiling and reading a Christmas story with their beautiful Christmas tree in the background, instead of just seeing a stand-alone tree in a promotion. People attach to the feeling they get from your product or service.

    Understand Your Market and Users

    Launching a product in a specific market is a challenging task as it is. If you don’t want to make things harder on yourself, you need to think about your core audience carefully. Know your users. Understand their wants and needs and set expectations accordingly.  Create user profiles and target different ads at different groups.  Your product may serve anyone from 21 to 61, but it’s very unlikely they look at it the same way.  Find out what their problem is and help them see how your product helps them resolve that.  Honda has different vehicles for all variety of needs, so they can sell people of all ages and genders on Honda cards and trucks.  However parents with 3 kids typically want something different from a 24 year grad student who wants something different from a 64 year old who just recently retired, etc.  Know your market, understand your users, and market accordingly.

    Research Your Competition

    If your product is going to be successful, you are going to be facing a lot of competition.  In fact if you don’t, you need to consider if you are in the right business. Having competition can actually be helpful for successful product marketing.  You can glean more about exactly what your customers expect from your product or service by searching through your competitors. Look through your competitor’s websites, social media pages, the content they share, their customer product reviews, etc. You aren’t doing this in order to borrow or steal anything from anyone, but rather to learn what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately what is unique about your business or product that you can market and promote.

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