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Thriving In the New Normal – [LIVE With Dr Fab Mancini]

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    Join me LIVE with Dr. Fab Mancini who is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world renowned Chiropractor, Hay House’s international best-selling author of The Power of Self-Healing and host of his popular radio show, Self-Healing with Dr. Fab.

    Dr. Fab is also the best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul, an internationally acclaimed educator, business leader, speaker, and President Emeritus of Parker University. He has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Univision, Telemundo and others. He has been interviewed in various documentaries and has received honors including Heroes for Humanity, Humanitarian of the Year, CEO of the Year, and induction into the Wellness Revolutionaries Hall of Fame.

    Tips on Thriving Through These Challenging Times

    4:42 – You cannot fulfill your mission by yourself!

    6:09 – Take a deep breath

    11:16 – Obstacles lead to elevation

    14:16 – Three Steps to Success in the New Normal

    19:01 – Your Customers’ and clients’ needs are changing

    22:55 – It’s time to give!

    36:12 – No one can shape your destiny but yourself

    34:15 – Learn to be uncomfortable

    38:30 – What is your true potential?

    39:30 – You have two options: survival vs thriving

    40:06 – Create something new!

    41:43 – Sometimes you have to let someone else’s belief sustain you until you can believe in yourself

    46:35 – A challenge from Me!

    49:55 – Gratitude is a healing emotion

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