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    Double Your Network Marketing Business in 24 Hours!

    In this training video Darin discusses simple, practical tips that can help you double your network marketing business in just 24 hours!


    Welcome replay viewers, this is Darin Kidd the number one network marketing trainer on periscope. On my periscope I teach you tips and techniques that have taken me over twenty four years to learn that have actually made millions of dollars and so when you watch the periscopes that I’m doing, we don’t have to spend over twenty years trying to figure out what to do right. I’m going to shave years off of your learning curve so as you’re checking in you’ll see on the screen different ways to stay in touch.

    And the one that I want to bring your attention to is and make sure to click the stay in touch. Fill out that form, because what we’re going to do is we’re going to be sending out newsletters maybe once a week and different announcements as I do training not just on periscope but also Facebook live. I was actually trying to do Facebook live and periscope at the same time but I was having an issue with trying to figure out on the iPad and I didn’t want to wait any longer, I wanted to jump on here and get this information to you so you can immediately go out there and put it into action.

    So here’s what we’re going to do first of all – let me get rid of the troll. Ok, so here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to, if you can click on the icon at the bottom, let me click it around here so and click. Appreciate everybody joining. Alright, here’s what were going to do – I’m a do thirty seconds a shout out so if you see the icon right at the bottom if you can click on that and you can click share with all of your followers also make sure to do that on periscope, because you want your team. It’s going to be a generic training. I’m not mentioning any company because I want you to feel safe coming on the periscope and so you want your team running like crazy the next twenty four hours. So let me help you double your business.

    So thank you Ashley, thank you Wraps, actually designs, Janice, but wow ya’ll are fast. Seventy seven, L, take Jeannie, Poland, Donna, Airen, Lacey, Brooke, DSkid, more Ontario, Miriam, blue eye, Bpark – you guys are awesome. Taylor, weekly Mars, loves Miriam, Debbi,e Rowe’s, Berry we appreciate everyone doing that and here’s what I noticed too. Yesterday the numbers that you’re seeing on the screen right now, if you seen there’s a hundred and ninety two people and growing extremely fast in the room. We got off the periscope, those numbers are not right, it was like three times the amount that it was showing on the screen so definitely continue to share or share if you have not shared, because I’ve got my notepad and pen ready and what I’m going to share with you.

    So let me do my introduction. Once again thanks to all of you, I am the number one network marketing trainer on periscope. On my scopes, I teach you the tips and techniques that have taken me over twenty four years to learn made me millions of dollars in the industry, built massive teams. So you don’t have to spend over twenty years trying to figure out what to do right this is a platform.

    So many people say Darin can you mentor me, train me, this is a platform that can actually come to you right in front of you, give you as much as I possibly can, no matter what company you’re involved in and help you achieve your goals and your dreams. So that excites me, hopefully it excites you.

    So here’s what we do, because we’re down to the final round of the month as we know eighty percent happens the last twenty percent of the month. So I’m going to give you some bullet points hopefully you have a pen and paper handy. This replay will be up for twenty four hours so you want to share it with everyone on your team. Because do you want your team have a sense of urgency, do you want them having a better attitude, do you want them knowing here’s what you do – one two three, A.B.C. and just driving through out the end of the month and then what’s going to happen if you teach them to do what I’m going to share with you and they do that leading into the beginning of the month you start to marry the months together.

    So most people have twelve in their year, well in your network marketing business you’re going to have fourteen fifteen months, because most people what they do is the last few days of the month. They get discouraged, because their goals look too far away, they give up way too early and they go – “I’ll just start at the beginning of next month”. Then it takes them a few days and the beginning of next month to get rolling and next thing you know you’ve lost a week at least of momentum and momentum is hard to get. It is easy to advance but it’s also easy to lose.

    So it’s like a car that ran out of gas, if you give it everything you have it’s in neutral you’re trying to get out of the highway and you’re pushing as hard as you possibly can, you’re sweating, you fall, your skin, your knee, but once you get the car moving, you can take one hand and continue to push that car and keep it moving. But if you take your hand off then what happens is it stops and you have to start completely over. So I’m telling you have faith that what I’m going to teach you works.

    Trust me, don’t focus on the results, it’s not about the results, it’s about each and every one of us. That every month we’re growing as leaders  – you will grow before your income grows. We don’t make what we want, we make what we are and so when you’re going through that emotional roller coaster and you’re getting discouraged, remember it’s called the process. Don’t get mad at the process.

    Jimron says don’t wish it was easier wish we were better. The size of the challenge determines the size of the paycheck and people go. Hey, well I’m tired of pushing, well here’s the alternative – we work the forty forty/forty plan.  Forty hours a week. My plan was if I work my job it’s going to be forty hours a week for the next forty years to retire on less than forty percent of what I could. Not live on to begin with.

    Alright, I don’t know where all these trolls are coming from that’s, what happens we’ve gained a lot of followers as yet to block some of these dudes. Alright that’s the only way they can get the attention, yep sit in their mom’s basement trying to get attention. Alright as a probably a forty year old man, alright so let’s keep on rolling, so let’s stay focused and so here’s what’s going to happen – you’re going to go through the emotional roller coaster, we get paid based on the size of the problem that we can solve, don’t focus on the results, the results will discourage you.

    Now it doesn’t mean you don’t have goals that you’re shooting for by the end of the month, ok, you definitely have goals, but what if you give every single thing that you have and you barely miss it .It’s ok you’ve grown you’ve stretched like a rubber band. If you stretch like a rubber band as far as you possibly can without snapping that rubber band It’ll never go back to its original shape, so every month we stretch as leaders and most people they won’t do this they’ll go (inaudible) back to the job part. I get distracted with the troll.

    My job would never give me the lifestyle that I wanted with my family. Ok, so in the last you know four years I was telling my wife – do you realize previously it would have taken us over forty years to earn what we’ve earned in network marketing in the last four years. So yes we’ve worked extremely hard the last several years to really explode our income right, but we’ve saved probably forty years off of our life having to work and it’s given us a dream lifestyle.

    Ok, so is it work – yes. Is it, is it worth it – yes. So here’s what we’re going to talk about (inaudible). We talked about, it’s a process and I like to repeat myself a lot. In case you haven’t noticed and there’s a reason for that is not because I like to hear myself talk, I get tired to hear myself talk, but spaced repetition.

    So it takes the fourth or fifth time we retain over fifty percent after the fifth time that we hear or see or read something. So over fifty two percent of what we’re retain is after the fifth time. So when you go man you’re repeating the same thing over and over and over again. When it get’s to the point the late billionaire Paul Meyer said – when it gets to the point they say I’m sick of you saying that then you know you’re starting to get it right that’s when you know you’re starting to get. When you go – man I know what he’s going to say before he even says it so it is a process. We grow before our income grows and here’s what the late billionaire Paul Meyer said as well, because some people go it’s not even possible.

    I have seen people do amazing things, it’s like the bannister with the four minute mile, they thought that a human being could not possibly run a four minute mile. It wasn’t possible and then once Bannister broke that four minute mile, then people started doing it. It was like it was nothing, no wasn’t like it was nothing but it was a bunch of people that started breaking the four minute mile. So I’ve seen people break the four minute mile and they go man there’s only twenty four hours left and they go out there give it everything that they have and they did what most people thought was impossible and they had never had experience in the industry and then what it did was people started to use that story that other people started to think they could do it too and every time this is a million dollar nugget. Every time that I go to a different level in my business. It is because I finally believed that I could sometimes.

    The enemy can be the inner me that law, the lid is we put on ourself and the way that you change that law of the lid, the way that you believe that you can do more is you get on things like this. You be careful who you associate with because associations are like the elevator – they take us up or they bring us down and we become the average of the five people that we hang around the most. So when you hang around people or you’re on this periscope and you go and man Darin it’s like you’re talking directly to me – I am talking directly to you and I’ll believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself, because I was bankrupt seventeen years ago, my car was repossessed. I failed at network marketing for seven years, you know, I was on Medicaid Government Assistance.

    How do I go out and do what I’ve done in the industry, because I had people that came into my life that saw more in me than I saw in myself. So it’s a process, but going that last straight stretch throughout the end of the month the billionaire Paul Meyer said – “never give mental recognition to the possibility of defeat”. Let me repeat that again – never give mental recognition to the possibility of defeat, you can’t have a negative and a positive thought in your mind at the same time.

    If I say don’t think of a pink elephant, you just thought of a pink elephant, so when you’re going for a rank you go, I am a whatever rank that is and that negative weed seed, one ounce of doubt and you’re out, it comes in there you have to take it like a dirty glass of water and you put it under the Spicket and you have clean water flowing into the dirty water and it will displace the dirty water. So you have to have affirmations, which are positive present tense.

    After like I am this because you have to see it here before you can ever see it there. So when you go – man well it looks impossible. No, I am this level – I’ve had on the back of business cards in front of my speedometer, dry erase marker, on my mirrors, if on my day planner, one notepads, everywhere I looked it was. I was just reinforcing my goal and then I didn’t stop until the bell rings. That’s the difference in people that get ahead. It’s that slight edge every single month where they go am not.

    It’s like Rocky, the one where he was in the movie, I forget which Rocky it was with Tommy Morrison, and they’re out back and there fighting and Rocky’s down and Tommy’s walking away and Rocky gets up and he goes – “I didn’t hear a bell one more round”. Well that’s what we do – we’re fighting for our families, you’re fighting for freedom, you’re fighting to retire someone you love and care about your fighting to give to that charity. Ok, you’re fighting.

    For once in our life we get paid what we’re worth, not someone else dictate what we’re worth. So never give mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Do you know how many times people call me and they go – Darin if I would have known that I was that close to my goal, then I would have worked so much harder. And I’m sitting there going – that’s what I told you don’t quit, ok, don’t get. Never given a recognition of the possibility of defeat you work into the last minute, because then what happens is you grow.

    Ok, even if you didn’t hit that rank – you grew as a leader, and just because you didn’t hit that rank or whatever that goal was, doesn’t mean you failed. It means you still succeeded because you grew as a leader and you stretched. So never given a recognition to the possibility of defeat. So what do we do the next twenty four hours?

    Here’s what we do – you do not leave your financial future in anyone else’s hands. Other people go why email my team, let me know if you need any help. Emails and text messages have no emotion, you can do that in addition. Ok to everything else, but they have no emotion. So what you have to do – you have to pick up the phone, your phone is your best friend, your phone is your best friend and you put it up to your ear and you call them and you dial for dollars so if you’re on there and you’re going let’s say who is that. I saw Regina, so if I go “hey Regina, did you realize you’re only this far away from this rank now Regina. Most people don’t realize, I would say eighty to ninety percent of your team doesn’t realize how close they are to the next rank, because they’re distracted with distractions. The distractions of life and then. So she may go – wow Darin, I didn’t realize I was that close. Yes.

    So where are you now when you ring the bell, you go to your organization, you’ve got a notepad or a whiteboard and go where you know. Well Regina says – I’m right at this rank, where do you want to be by the end of the month Regina, do you realize all you need is two more recruits, all you need is this much more volume. Is that something that you want to do because we can absolutely get that done. Yes or no? If she says, yes – I put Regina’s name down and then I put what we need to get or where she needs to be. And when I do that in a in a leg of my organization that shows me the potential growth of that organization, then I’ll know who wants to walk, I know who wants to run.

    And so you ring the bell – ding ding ding. Calling through everyone massive sense of urgency. There’s a difference in working your business and driving your business. Working your business is – hey everybody go hard go go go. We’re going to crush this thing, I sent you a motivating email, ok call me if you need me.  That’s working. Driving your business – is get on the phone, you don’t leave your financial future at anyone else’s hands, you know exactly where they are, where they what they need to go to the next rank. You ask them is that something they want to do, because they may go – no I’m going out of town tomorrow, out of the country. I won’t even have access to my phone. So you can’t go – I need you to go to this rank, because I need to go to the next rank. No, they’re tuned into their favorite radio station W.I.I F.M. What’s in it for me?

    So when you have them going for their goals, it’s like Jim Rome says – you’re automatically going to get what you want if you help someone else get what they want. So you ring the bell, you take inventory, you map it out – that’s the potential growth of your organization and lets where we are and then just bring in awareness. By the way, just you calling through, going here’s where you are here’s what you need to go to the next rank is that something you want to do. Just that awareness will increase your business.

    Trust me, just out of awareness, just letting everybody know what they need to go to the next rank and then what you do is you impose your will. What I mean by impose your will. Thank you plexus fourteen for sharing. By the way, ok, because you want your whole team hearing this right, you want them hearing this now, right now. You want to share it, the bottom icon share with all your followers – your Twitter, Facebook, share with everybody, because you want your team running like crazy to close out this month and kicking off next month. Thanks everybody for sharing.

    So how do I impose my will. So, if I’m on the phone with Regina and she tells me what she needs or we look at what she needs and yes Darin, I want to go for that. And sometimes I remind them, or I ask them – hey remind me once again. So all of you, like I can’t get all of you to share with me, but why are you running why are you working your business. Ok, you have to put an emotional attachment to the business, because if not, it’s that you’re not going to do it for the money. Ok, we quit for the money, we have to put an emotional attachment to the money – your kids. So maybe you’ve got a picture of your kids, maybe tell them you’re going to Disney World, you’ve got that in front of you.

    So maybe I reminded Regina why she told me she was doing the business and then what I do is I go – Ok, who can we get on the phone right now that we can do a three way call? Who have you had sample product, who has looked at a website, who has looked at a magazine? Right? So, I call that in play – they hadn’t said yes, hadn’t said no. Ok, welcome (inaudible), and they’re looking at information and we get on the phone and I impose my will instead of tell tell, tell that’s what I used to do – tell them what to do then tell them what to do then tell them what to do. Let’s tell, show, try, do tell them what to do.

    Hey Regina, I want you to three way that person you were just telling me about, here’s how you do it – you see on your phone it says add a call. You have an iPhone, so add a call then I want you to dial the number as soon as they answer. Ok, you’re going to see a merge button come up and here’s what I want you to say to them. And all of a sudden she tries it. She says – hey listen I’ve got someone you’ve got to hear their story – she merges the call I share my quick story, we get off the phone, she’s like oh my gosh – I’ve been hearing about this three way call thing all this time and it was so simple. So now she starts doing it with or without me. So tell, show, try, do so. That’s three way calls are one way to impose your will.

    Another way that I look at is how can I leverage myself. Private conference calls are a great way to leverage yourself. So maybe you go to you get a free conference call bridge, maybe you do a zoom party or Skype or whatever you use. A lot of people are using zoom these days and then you put five or ten of their prospects and you teach them what to say. Hey I’m excited about something, I’m running for a promotion, I know what I’m doing may or may not be for you, but I would love for you to get on here. It would help me, it’s part of my training – just to get your feedback. If you ask me to do that, I would do it for you. I’d hoping you would do it for me. Simple enough.

    So now you have five people on that zoom and then at the end of the day I say how many times was the story shared (inaudible). Be half throughout the day with their company through conference calls. So instead of me having to track down five people, we just had five people on one conference call that all heard the information at one time.

    Alright, so we have the private conference calls sit downs. Ok no no boobs here. Right? This is all you’r going to get right here that’s it all boob action you’re getting they’ll probably jump of the periscope after that one. Alright, so sit downs is who that can you take to coffee tomorrow, so who can you take for coffee, who can you take to lunch meals, make money. So if your going to have two or three people who you take to lunch, home parties. You can. You call some people tomorrow and say can you swing by my house after work because I’m grabbing pizza and I’ve got something I’m doing. A celebration, my wife and I work on a business project. And you get two, three, four, five people at your house tomorrow night. So that’s some of the ways that you can, you know impose your will and I like to work smart, so when I can leverage myself on a conference call on a zoom. You know getting people over you know to a house and you talk to four five ten people at one time. That’s what I like to do.

    And then you marry the months together. So what you do is you close out the month as hard as you possibly can and then you’re going into (inaudible). We’re doing some training here, so you know just check out the periscope title and then I’ll kind of tell you what I do then you go into the beginning of the month – you’re marrying the months together and then you’ll create that momentum.

    zSo does this make sense to everyone what I just share with you on the periscope? Let me just see if you have any questions. Good, any quick last minute questions? What I think I’m going to do, I’m going to go over to Facebook live, since I could do it at the same time. So if you go to I’ll actually put it on my screen again here in just a second and I’ll try to do another training like this. Man, I don’t know if I can do it like this again, because I’ve used a lot of energy and I’m burning up already, sweating, turning red, because I get excited about, you know, helping you make a difference.

    Alright everybody hold on one second. Ok, here we go. So any other questions, real quick, so make sure you share this twenty four hours. What if every single person on your team heard this periscope, what if every single person on your team is ringing the bell, taken inventory. What if every person on your team, the only thing they got out of this periscope was having the right philosophy and the right attitude where they go – look, I’m not quitting. I want to marry the months together ,I will until I put that on my wall. So one said – Darin, successes is buried right underneath frustration. I was like – I have to be close, I can’t get anymore frustrated. Right? So that’s normal, but if what, if your whole team listen to this and go – man, I’m going to crush this thing and I want to close out this month and give it everything that I had. You could double your business.

    Now if you have a big team, it’s hard to double your business in the next twenty four hours. If you have a smaller team, it’s easier to do that, but I’ll guarantee you this – you teach your team to start doing this every single month – then what’s going to happen is you will double your team, you will create an explosion in your team. So let me go ahead and show you the Facebook. Hold on one second, there it is, everybody sharing succeed with Darin. So succeedwithdarin also You’ll see all the icons on there where you just click on it. Go straight to my Facebook page make, sure you like the Facebook page. You also can click it where you see it. First on your news feed and then go to and give a try to do a quick live training on Facebook live. Here to help you close out your month.

    Alright, so everybody have an awesome night if you want to scoot over to Facebook live am going to try to do a quick one on Facebook live. Yes Kristie you got it. Alright, appreciate everybody joining. Talk to you soon. Take care.

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