For many years Darin tried and failed in network marketing. After seven years of failure, he finally found the mentors that helped him turn everything around and grow his business to its full potential. Now it’s his calling to do the same for you!

Since mid-2019, Darin went full time into the speaking, training, and coaching world. He has been focusing on taking everything to the next level. You now have the opportunity to work with him individually and also in group settings. You have a ton of untapped potential that is waiting to be released! Let him help you take your life and business to the next level!

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[Announcement] Are You Ready to Level UP?

Are you ready to level up your prospecting, rank, and ability to get reps? I’m going live with Patrick Shaw, CEO of RapidFunnel!

Attract More Customers Using Social Media [LIVE With Kim Garst]

Join us as Kim Garst shares her TOP Tips and Strategies on How to Attract More Customers Using Social Media without Spamming your Friends and Family.

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Group Training

The 3M Factor Exclusive Facebook Group

This is our group of Next Level Go Getters who want a fun, safe, judgement free place that they can be encouraged, learn, and grow in their Network Marketing Business.  This is a completely safe environment to get tips, techniques, and strategies that have been tested for decades and proven to work.

We do trainings, giveaways, contests, challenges, and much more!  We use a Private Facebook group to deliver this awesome conten

"We hit Diamond and I've been chasing this for almost a year and a half!! WOOOO HOOO so many rank ups and I am LOVING your training."

"Just wanted to let you know my opinion on your training group The 3M Factor. It prevents sleep! Once I started reviewing the live intro training video, downloading and reading the documents, and then rereading them... dang it was 2am!!! Excellent!!"

Individual Training

Blueprint to Success in Network Marketing Course

After struggling for 7 years and saying, “I will NEVER do Network Marketing again!” I FINALLY had mentors come into my life that taught me what to do and what NOT to do.  After being in Network Marketing as a distributor for over 28 years, I decided to create a course that gives every distributor the basic fundamentals of what it takes to build a successful business.  There are 12 Modules and several downloadable resources to help kick start or restart your business for only $47. This is a must have for every distributor.

One-On-One Training With Darin

One way to get to where you want to be MUCH FASTER is to have a mentor and coach that has been there and can show you the way.  We have several options to work closer with me. Fill out this quick survey to see what program is best for you.

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